Project 365, Days 232-247

July 10


Day 232, July 10, 2013:  Lots of lettuce from the garden


July 11


Day 233: A group from our church went to Karitos, a worship arts conference in Chicago for 3 days. The girls had fun relaxing in the pool our first night there


July 12


Day 234: Before one of the workshops started, the girls showed off one of their dances for the instructors


July 13


Day 235: Our group danced in the talent showcase on Saturday


July 14


Day 236: The first peppers and broccoli from the garden


July 15


Day 237: VBS skit practice


July 16

Day 238: Besides being VBS season, it’s also 4-H season. We’re busy getting projects ready for the fair. Here, Janelle is working on one of her ceramics projects.


July 17


Day 239: Greg working on one of his vases in ceramics


July 18


Day 240: My project. None of my kids would do the Cheesehead Santa for me, so I decided to do it myself.


July 19


Day 241: One of the Facebook groups I’m part of has a “silly Saturday” challenge every week. This week’s challenge was to do a plank in a unique place or in a unique way.


July 20


Day 242: An afternoon of working in the yard, carrying branches, left an allergic reaction on my arm. It went away fairly quickly, though, so it wasn’t poison ivy


July 21


Day 243: Another rainy day. Things were just drying out nicely when about an inch and a half fell in our area.


July 22


Day 244: I didn’t take this one, but am including it anyway. My softball team


July 23


Day 245: One of Greg’s completed vases, ready for the fair


July 24


Day 246: My completed Cheesehead Santa


July 25


Day 247: After my daily workout–I nailed it today 🙂

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