Project 365, Days 248-256

July 26


Day 248,  July 26:  Our first cherry tomato


July 27


Day 249: A storm is coming


July 28


Day 250: The second annual Pig Fest at our farm led to a few muddy girls. That’s Janelle on the right


July 29


Day 251: One of  Janelle’s ceramics projects for the fair


July 30


Day 252: And Janelle’s other ceramics project


July 31


Day 253: Dinner tonight is all home-grown. Pork chops from our own pig, lettuce and potatoes from our garden


Aug 1


Day 254: Our church did VBS on the Go this week. We brought VBS to a couple of local parks for the morning


Aug 2


Day 255: Greg has to choose one of these vases to bring to the fair. I’m not sure which one he’ll take. I like them both


Aug 3


Day 256: Sunset




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