Project 365, Days 279-287

Day 279, August 26, 2013: This is what happens when a bird gets into the greenhouse and can’t get back out. I don’t know how long the poor thing was flying into the plastic, but it did finally manage to get out.


Day 280: The pear harvest. This is the first year we’ve gotten pears from our trees. I will be canning pears this week


Day 281: Today’s creation from the garden harvest–pizza sauce


Day 282: This little moth made his way into my house overnight


Day 283: Sunset


Day 284: A new washing machine. After 5 weeks of going to the laundromat, I am so excited to do laundry at home again 🙂


Day 285: The pears are now ready for storing for the winter.


Day 286: I saw a mouse in the living room last night. And the worst part? My son says he’s known for about a week that there is a mouse. He’s seen it at night while he’s playing X-Box.


Day 287: This is what my counter looks like most days, although the exact combination of vegetables and fruit does vary a bit from day to day. I love my garden (and the chickens that are laying the eggs)




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