Project 365, Days 288-296

Day 288, Sept 4, 2013:  Somebody in my house likes to drink soda while in the shower.


Day 289: Greg got a new toy today–a very large organ. You should see the smile on his face while he plays.


Day 290: It’s Packers season again 🙂


Day 291: What happens when I drop a plastic measuring cup on my toe? Swollen, bruised toe.


Day 292: Opening day of football season. I guess the game isn’t exciting enough for Josh. I don’t understand. The Packers are always fun to watch, aren’t they?

Day 293: It’s almost time for the annual Worship Celebration at our church, so Janelle and the dance team are busy practicing.


Day 294: Greg’s first soccer gae of the season. It was 95 degrees.


Day 295: Today’s garden harvest



Day 296: Another soccer game, this time a bit cooler out, thankfully



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