Project 365, Days 297-308

Day 297, Sept 13, 2013: Lesson for the day: Do not wear black when giving a white dog a hair cut.
Day 298: All this hair from one very small dog. The haircut was way overdue
Day 299:  Sunset (yes, I love sunsets)
Day 300: I am embarrassed to post this picture. My sons’ room. Time for Mom to get in there and get it looking halfway decent.
Day 301, Sept 17; 10 months done: Under all the clothes, etc, in the boys room is this–sunflower seeds, popcorn and who knows what else.
Day 302: What happens when all that crud is on the floor? Mice find it. We’ve seen a mouse. Here’s more proof of it’s existence. Now, if we could only catch the little guy.
Day 303: Another chance for Greg to show off his soccer skills.
Day 304: There’s a storm coming.
Day 305: Discarded CDs from the boys room.  They have way too much stuff in that room
Day 306: We moved Greg’s organ a bit so that it isn’t quite as much in the way.
Day 307: Practicing for the Worship Celebration
Day 308:  Yet another soccer game. The team is playing really good this year and winning most of their games.

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