Project 365, Days 309-326

Day 309, Sept 25: Blizzard is our watch dog. I’m not sure what he’s watching for right now, but he’s been sitting there, watching for a long time.
Day 310: Our mystery fruit. A tree with this fruit started growing with our pear tree a couple of years ago. We have determined it is a quince. I don’t think we have the right growing season for it to actually ripen and I’m not sure what I’d do with them if they did ripen.
Day 311: Our apple crop this year. Time to make applesauce
Day 312: After months of practice, it’s finally time for the worship celebration. Lots of music and dance and praise and worship
Day 313: Worship celebration, day 2
Day 314: We’ve had several foggy mornings lately
Day 315: Greg and his amazing soccer skills
Day 316: Spider web in the early morning dew
Day 317: This soccer game didn’t end as well as we had hoped, but the trees that were changing color added some beautiful scenery
Day 318: Yet another sunset.
Day 319: Fall colors in Walgreens parking lot
Day 320: Cinnamon red hot applesauce from our apples
Day 321: Yep. More sunset. I promise not too many more. They’re just so beautiful, I have to take pictures
Day 322: These muddy footprints are evidence that Kaiser has made his way into my house again. As if an almost 200 pound dog isn’t enough evidence. There’s no way to hide that much dog.
Day 323: One more sunset. I promise. Last one for a while.
Day 324: Blizzard’s caught red-handed (or red-pawed). He grabbed a container from the table and carried it into the living room to devour it’s contents.
Day 325: We’re nearing the end of the soccer season. Only 2 games left.
Day 326: It’s ladybug season. They’re making their annual appearance in my dining room.

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