Project 365, Days 97-104

Feb 22.jpg

Day 97, February 22: Janelle and her friend dancing

Feb 23.jpg

Day 98: This rug materialized from somewhere. I’m hoping it disappears real soon.

Feb 24.jpg

Day 99: Naughty puppy #1

Feb 25.jpg

Day 100: Naughty puppy #2

Feb 26.jpg

Day 101: While shopping with Janelle, we found this totally awesome Loki hoodie. It was a bit out of the budget, but it was still awesome

Feb 27.jpg

Day 102: Another awesome shopping find: Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers

Feb 28.jpg

Day 103: This isn’t really my photo, and I don’t know if the research and “facts” are real, but I can totally agree with this.

March 1.jpg

Day 104: Kaiser almost looks like he’s laughing. He  really just wants to come in the house.

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