Project 365, Days 111-130

March 8

Day 111, March 8, 2014: I have discovered that I love these candy bars.  Not quite as much as peanut butter m&ms, but almost.

March 9

Day 112: The snow is starting to melt!!

March 10

Day 113: If you look real closely, you can see several deer in the field. This is about a mile down our road, taken from the car, so it’s not very clear, but there are deer, I promise.

March 11

Day 114: Choreographing dance at church

March 12

Day 115: Greg’s new truck. At least, it’s new to him.

March 14

Day 116: This is what Greg uses as a key chain. Yes. That’s a mousetrap.


March 13

Day 117: Blizzard hates it when Janelle leaves him. Once a week, we have to go straight from dog obedience to dance and Blizzard has to wait in the car with me during the 45 minute dance class. He spends the whole time going from window to window, watching and whining, until Janelle comes back.

March 15

Day 118: There’s still snow in the field, but not nearly as much as a couple of weeks ago. Maybe spring will come one of these days.

March 16

Day 119: The best part of St Patrick’s Day? McDonald’s Shamrock shake 🙂


March 17

Day 120: Working hard to get the dance perfect before Palm Sunday

March 18

Day 121: Greg found this in one of our sheds. He thinks it’s cool. I think it’s gross.

March 19

Day 122: The tomatoes are starting to come up

March 20

Day 123: Eric’s new car. After over a month of waiting for insurance money, he was finally able to buy a new car.

March 21

Day 124: On our way to Iowa, we stopped for breakfast and had to invest in some of these chocolate, peanut butter mammoth muffins. Yum!

March 22

Day 125: Cousins, some who don’t want to get their picture taken

March 23

Day 126: On our way home, the icicles along the Mississippi River.

March 24

Day 127: Again,  you have to look closely, but there are about 20 deer in that field across the street from our house.

March 25

Day 128: So much for spring. It’s snowing again.

March 26

Day 129: The results of last night’s snow fall.

March 27

Day 130: At least it’s spring weather this time. Rain is better than snow this late in the year.

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