Project 365, Days 101-110


Day 101: I am actually eating healthy today at work. I, unfortunately, don’t do that often enough.

Day 102: My late night life–driving home from work at midnight, waiting for a train. SO much excitement.

Day 103: We have open water on the lake and that means geese. Lots and lots of geese. They’re all in the lake at the moment, but soon they will be all over the lawn.

Day 104: One of these days I am going to remember to put an ice scraper in my car so I don’t have to sit and wait for the defrost to clear my windshield.

Day 105: We went to pick up Greg for spring break. His one food request was ice cream from Kelley’s Creamery. An excellent choice.

Day 106: My fortune cookie has a sense of humor

Day 107: Nala spent a long time this morning dragging my coat off the chair and bringing it to me. Not sure what she is trying to tell me. Maybe she doesn’t want me home?

Day 108: More snow. Forecasters originally had a fairly large amount predicted but thankfully that isn’t happening. Just enough to remind us that it’s still winter in Wisconsin.

Day 109: Flocks of geese have now found our lawn.

Day 110: Time for new nails. I went really fancy and got a jewel put on today.

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