Poole Knobs Campground

Our nights in the Nashville area were spent at Poole Knobs Campground, on Percy Priest Lake, in LaVergne, TN. Another campsite right on the lake. We had our own private beach area (not sandy beach, but small stones, but a beach anyway). The campsite was huge. We could have fit several more tents on the site. We set up our tent so that we had a view of the lake from the door of the tent. We were in a spot that let us have both sunrise and sunset views. The bathrooms were again clean, but were far enough away that we had to drive to them. A minor inconvenience for such a beautiful site.

The only wildlife issue we had at this campground was on the last night we were there. The picnic table was only a few feet from where we were sitting. We must have forgotten to clean up the watermelon rinds because we had a raccoon on the table helping himself to a piece of melon. He ran off and we later saw him crossing the road to a neighboring campsite.


3 thoughts on “Poole Knobs Campground

    • We were on site 34. The neighbors weren’t too close, right on the lake, huge site. Only drawback was it wasn’t close to the bathrooms, but with a little advanced planning, we avoided having to drive there too often

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