Project 365, Days 121-140

Day 121: It’s been almost a year, I finally decided to start my scrapbook from last year’s vacation.

Day 122: Some days require a little extra caffeine

Day 123: Camping season is approaching and that means it’s time to sort through my bins and see what needs to be purchased/replaced

Day 124: Sweet puppy

Day 125: Sometimes, toys at the service desk at work amuse me

Day 126: Made the reservations for our fall camping trip today. It seems so far away, but it’ll be here and gone before I know it

Day 127: She is so happy. The weather is cooperating so she can go on a walk

Day 128: Some new additions to my camping gear. Board games to occupy us if the weather doesn’t cooperate

Day 129: Blizzard is in need of a haircut. Can’t even find his eyes anymore

Day 130: How do we get dirt on a chair in the living room?

Day 131: She looks mad for some reason. Not sure what I did to her

Day 132: And, she’s officially a college student. My baby is growing up

Day 133: Spring means ice shoves along the lake shore.

Day 134: Spending time outside while the weather is nice.

Day 135: Spent my day doing a lot of financial aid stuff for my two college students

Day 136: Spring weather a couple of days ago. Snow today

Day 137: New nails

Day 138: Having a dog that likes to get up early in the morning means I get to see some beautiful sunrises.

Day 139: The lake is now ice free. Hopefully that means spring is finally here

Day 140: How did I spend my day at work? Pushing carts

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