Project 365, Days 141-160

Day 141: The first flowers I’ve seen this spring

Day 142: Sunsets after storms are usually beautiful

Day 143: Another bike ride. I’m trying hard to get in shape for vacation this summer. We’re planning a ride around Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains

Day 144: This is the scene at work tonight. There was a gas leak, causing customers to have trouble breathing so we had to evacuate.

Day 145: More snow. It’s the middle of April. Will it ever end?

Day 146: This is what I look like after attempting the Insanity workout. It about killed me

Day 147: Good job Walmart. The holiday coming up is now “Earter” instead of “Easter”

Day 148: Beautiful sunset

Day 149: Finally, a nice spring day. The temperature is warm-ish and the grass is starting to turn green.

Day 150: This is what I eat when I am trying to be healthy. However, I still like pizza 🙂

Day 151: Nala enjoys sneaking my food. As soon as I look away, she jumps on it and totally enjoys it.

Day 152: Nala also enjoys sleeping in strange positions

Day 153: After a long, hard shift, I went to Applebees with a coworker. A little adult beverage is just what I needed.

Day 154: The day before Easter is a very busy day at work. At 10:30, when I finally got to leave, the parking lot was still full.

Day 155: This was one of our views on our bike ride this evening.

Day 156: I finally got around to cleaning out Janelle’s room and found a lot of my missing cold medication. I knew it had to be somewhere

Day 157: I got a new phone today. IPhone XR.

Day 158: Pastel nails for spring

Day 159: Besides stealing my food, she likes to steal my socks. As soon as I take them off, she grabs them and runs off

Day 160: We’re trying to figure out what this animal is supposed to be. It has the head of a chicken but the body of something with 4 legs and no tail.

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