Project 365, Days 161-180

Day 161: This picture is very dark and hard to see, but my Jeep is totaled. Some kids ran a light and hit me while I was driving home from work. Of course, they have no insurance.

Day 162: Went for a bike ride to try to work out the stiffness from last night’s accident

Day 163: It’s been so wet, this duck pair is making their home up near our house

Day 164: We had a huge tree wash up on our beach. Our neighbor cut it up into manageable pieces.

Day 165: The skies are gray (again) but at least the grass is green

Day 166: We had a duck party in our yard today

Day 167: My new car to replace the Jeep.

Day 168: Nala loves her walk time.

Day 169: More ducks. There are a lot of them this year, maybe because our yard is so wet

Day 170: This dove has made a nest in our rain gutter. Daddy is always nearby

Day 171: Who leaves this kind of mess on the kitchen counter?

Day 172: Gorgeous sunrise

Day 173: These bags contain my “fat” clothes. I’ve been going through all my closets and drawers and getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit

Day 174: Found these clothes in the garage. We’re not sure where they came from but they clearly haven’t been there long

Day 175: It’s lakefly season

Day 176: I didn’t take this photo, since I am the baby. My mom and me in honor of Mother’s Day, and what would have been my mom’s 81st birthday

Day 177: I am in love with theses beverages

Day 178: Janelle has moved back home, trying to save money for school

Day 179: Some days require ice cream

Day 180: My husband’s work has an annual fund raiser banquet/auction. Food, fun and buying stuff

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