Weekend Fun, June 1-2, 2019

An unexpected weekend off left us some room for some fun. We went to the season opener of our local baseball team, The Dockspiders. I had never been to a game and it was a lot of fun

On Sunday, we went to a local winery and tasted some wine and mead. And, of course, since we were in the area, we had to stop for ice cream at our favorite ice cream place.

We went for a 3 mile hike in a local state park. The trail was quite wet, and was even covered by water in some spots.

And, of course, no weekend is complete without a bike ride. Lots of wildflowers were blooming along the trails.

Memorial Day Campout, May 24-27, 2019

We had our annual Memorial Day camp out with our church from May 24-27. The weather this year was almost perfect. There was rain and storms overnight the first night, but after that, warm and sunny. The only issue was that I forgot to stake down our screen tent and it blew over during the storms the first night. But, since nothing was in it at the time, nothing was damaged.

We took our bikes along this year and went for a ride around the camp ground. The views of Green Lake were beautiful.

Of course, the best part of any camping trip is spending time with friends and family. We always have a good time.

The weekend ends every year with a talent/no talent show and then a kick ball game with kids vs adults. It’s one of our favorite weekends every year.

Project 365, Days 181-200

Day 181: Yes, I redid my nails again

Day 182: On today’s bike ride we rode up the ledge. I didn’t make it all the way up, but at least I got part of the way

Day 183: There’s a storm north of us, over the lake

Day 184: More sunset

Day 185: These guys got haircuts today. They were way past due for one. I think Blizzard looks a little annoyed about it

Day 186: A very pink sunset

Day 187: Nala and Blizzard bonding time

Day 188: All set up for our weekend camping trip. This is our annual trip with our church at Green Lake

Day 189: Green Lake

Day 190: Sydney and Janelle relaxing at the campsite

Day 191: Greg didn’t go camping with us, but he was busy while we were gone. He cleaned out half of the garage

Day 192: We borrowed our neighbor’s bike rack to take our bikes along on vacation. We did a trial run, to make sure it worked and we knew what we were doing

Day 193: Sometimes our bike rides involve a stop at the grocery store to pick up something we need

Day 194: Roland usually bikes faster than I do, so this is my normal view of him. Someday I will be able to keep up with him

Day 195: On the road to getting in shape. These leggings are a size M. I still see bulges where I don’t want them, but the bulges must be getting smaller because my clothes size is going down

Day 196: Our weekend fun included going to a local baseball game. After the game, the kids got to run the bases. The last runner was a very small girl and all the players got down to her level to give her a high 5 as she crossed home plate

Day 197: More weekend fun, this time a hike. The path was quite muddy, even covered with water in some areas

Day 198: She is such a naughty puppy sometimes. She will climb just about anywhere to get food

Day 199: Flowers on our bike trail are blooming

Day 200: Time for a change of nails

Project 365, Days 161-180

Day 161: This picture is very dark and hard to see, but my Jeep is totaled. Some kids ran a light and hit me while I was driving home from work. Of course, they have no insurance.

Day 162: Went for a bike ride to try to work out the stiffness from last night’s accident

Day 163: It’s been so wet, this duck pair is making their home up near our house

Day 164: We had a huge tree wash up on our beach. Our neighbor cut it up into manageable pieces.

Day 165: The skies are gray (again) but at least the grass is green

Day 166: We had a duck party in our yard today

Day 167: My new car to replace the Jeep.

Day 168: Nala loves her walk time.

Day 169: More ducks. There are a lot of them this year, maybe because our yard is so wet

Day 170: This dove has made a nest in our rain gutter. Daddy is always nearby

Day 171: Who leaves this kind of mess on the kitchen counter?

Day 172: Gorgeous sunrise

Day 173: These bags contain my “fat” clothes. I’ve been going through all my closets and drawers and getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit

Day 174: Found these clothes in the garage. We’re not sure where they came from but they clearly haven’t been there long

Day 175: It’s lakefly season

Day 176: I didn’t take this photo, since I am the baby. My mom and me in honor of Mother’s Day, and what would have been my mom’s 81st birthday

Day 177: I am in love with theses beverages

Day 178: Janelle has moved back home, trying to save money for school

Day 179: Some days require ice cream

Day 180: My husband’s work has an annual fund raiser banquet/auction. Food, fun and buying stuff

Project 365, Days 141-160

Day 141: The first flowers I’ve seen this spring

Day 142: Sunsets after storms are usually beautiful

Day 143: Another bike ride. I’m trying hard to get in shape for vacation this summer. We’re planning a ride around Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains

Day 144: This is the scene at work tonight. There was a gas leak, causing customers to have trouble breathing so we had to evacuate.

Day 145: More snow. It’s the middle of April. Will it ever end?

Day 146: This is what I look like after attempting the Insanity workout. It about killed me

Day 147: Good job Walmart. The holiday coming up is now “Earter” instead of “Easter”

Day 148: Beautiful sunset

Day 149: Finally, a nice spring day. The temperature is warm-ish and the grass is starting to turn green.

Day 150: This is what I eat when I am trying to be healthy. However, I still like pizza 🙂

Day 151: Nala enjoys sneaking my food. As soon as I look away, she jumps on it and totally enjoys it.

Day 152: Nala also enjoys sleeping in strange positions

Day 153: After a long, hard shift, I went to Applebees with a coworker. A little adult beverage is just what I needed.

Day 154: The day before Easter is a very busy day at work. At 10:30, when I finally got to leave, the parking lot was still full.

Day 155: This was one of our views on our bike ride this evening.

Day 156: I finally got around to cleaning out Janelle’s room and found a lot of my missing cold medication. I knew it had to be somewhere

Day 157: I got a new phone today. IPhone XR.

Day 158: Pastel nails for spring

Day 159: Besides stealing my food, she likes to steal my socks. As soon as I take them off, she grabs them and runs off

Day 160: We’re trying to figure out what this animal is supposed to be. It has the head of a chicken but the body of something with 4 legs and no tail.

Project 365, Days 121-140

Day 121: It’s been almost a year, I finally decided to start my scrapbook from last year’s vacation.

Day 122: Some days require a little extra caffeine

Day 123: Camping season is approaching and that means it’s time to sort through my bins and see what needs to be purchased/replaced

Day 124: Sweet puppy

Day 125: Sometimes, toys at the service desk at work amuse me

Day 126: Made the reservations for our fall camping trip today. It seems so far away, but it’ll be here and gone before I know it

Day 127: She is so happy. The weather is cooperating so she can go on a walk

Day 128: Some new additions to my camping gear. Board games to occupy us if the weather doesn’t cooperate

Day 129: Blizzard is in need of a haircut. Can’t even find his eyes anymore

Day 130: How do we get dirt on a chair in the living room?

Day 131: She looks mad for some reason. Not sure what I did to her

Day 132: And, she’s officially a college student. My baby is growing up

Day 133: Spring means ice shoves along the lake shore.

Day 134: Spending time outside while the weather is nice.

Day 135: Spent my day doing a lot of financial aid stuff for my two college students

Day 136: Spring weather a couple of days ago. Snow today

Day 137: New nails

Day 138: Having a dog that likes to get up early in the morning means I get to see some beautiful sunrises.

Day 139: The lake is now ice free. Hopefully that means spring is finally here

Day 140: How did I spend my day at work? Pushing carts

Door County, WI 2018

Our annual fall camping trip in 2018 was to Door County again. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to go. We camped in Peninsula State Park. This large state park has so much to do. There’s a beach, a lighthouse, trails for hiking and biking, an outdoor theater (we were too late in the season to take in a show). And, it’s right in the heart of all there is to do in Door County.

We hiked on the Eagle trail this year. It’s probably the most difficult trail in the park. It goes down, right to the bay and then continues along the shore next to the bluffs. At times is was difficult to follow the trail, but we made it back up the steep climb at the end. Definitely worth the time to hike this one,

A huge part of camping is eating and campfires. Two family favorites for dinner are mac and cheese and pizza. We typically have some music playing, and with music comes dancing from my dancer daughter.

We did venture out of the park, too. A stop for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, Julie’s. It’s right by the entrance to the park. I’ve been coming to Door County for years and this was the first time I’ve actually seem the goats on the roof of Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant.

After seeing the goats, we left the girls to shop in Sister Bay while we went to Cana Island lighthouse. The causeway connecting the island to the mainland was flooded, so we took the wagon over. The views are amazing from the top of the lighthouse.

A few other shots from our weekend. It was a Packer game Sunday, so the local bars were full of people watching the game. And, of course, a sunset.

Newport State Park, Door County, WI


Another park we visited last September while on our weekend camping trip in Door County, WI was Newport State Park. This park is on the quiet side of the peninsula and the day we were there, it was almost totally empty. We had the beach to ourselves and saw nobody else on the hiking trails. We didn’t spend a lot of time here, but it was enough as this park doesn’t have as much to offer as Peninsula State Park on the other side of the county. A nice park, but not on my “must go to again” list.

Cave Point County Park, Door County, WI

During our annual fall camping trip (September, 2018–yes, I am behind in posting about our camping adventures), we went to Door County, WI. One of the highlights of the weekend was our stop at Cave Point County Park. It’s a small park, but full of beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the shoreline.

The girls had so much fun climbing the cliffs to the water

This cave is called the Devil’s Bathtub. There were a couple of people jumping and swimming in here. The water was fairly cold, since the lake never gets warm


This bird was sunning himself on the rocks. He sat there with his wings spread out for the longest time before taking off.

Project 365, Day 101-120

Day 101: Blizzard is looking a little shaggy. I think I need to give him a bit of a trim soon

Day 102: Eric is moving into a new apartment and, since he is out of town for work, asked if I could quick clean his old apartment. I’m not sure I can clean this mess quickly

Day 103: Sunset over the lake

Day 104: March !st, the month when spring begins. It’s not looking like spring tonight

Day 105: It’s looking way too wintry outside

Day 106: Janelle colored my hair again. She tried lightening the ends this time and did a great job

Day 107: Nala takes after me. She seems to like Mt Dew

Day 108: Nala loves to do this. She stands on her hind legs and waves her front paws in the air. There’s no logical pattern to when she does it so I haven’t figured out what it means

Day 109: This little guy is hanging out by the computer at work.

Day 110: She’s working on her tan

Day 111: She may be my dog, but she loves my husband, too

Day 112: I had to get away from Walmart on my lunch break today. Some days, I can’t deal with it any more

Day 113: She knows I have food and she knows she’s not supposed to jump up and get it

Day 114: We just finished Janelle’s application to cosmetology school

Day 115: It’s wet out, but I still had to go out and push carts. The joys of being a CSM

Day 116: New nails. I wanted green for St Patricks Day, but I don’t like bright green, so I chose this shade instead

Day 117: It’s raining and freezing and the town is starting to flood. Some areas are evacuated but we only have some standing water

Day 118: The random things we find at Walmart. Didn’t know we sold styrofoam heads

Day 119: Remembering the day we first met these two adorable boys, 22 years ago

Day 120: She never sleeps in a normal position