Bible in 90 Days, Day 1

I just finished reading Day 1 of the Bible in 90 Days. The story of creation stood out to me as I was reading. I love watching the browns of winter turning into the greens of spring here in Wisconsin. Can you imagine what it must have looked like watching all the green plants and trees and all the brightly colored flowers appear out of nothing? What an amazing sight that must have been.

Project 365, Days 111-130

March 8

Day 111, March 8, 2014: I have discovered that I love these candy bars.  Not quite as much as peanut butter m&ms, but almost.

March 9

Day 112: The snow is starting to melt!!

March 10

Day 113: If you look real closely, you can see several deer in the field. This is about a mile down our road, taken from the car, so it’s not very clear, but there are deer, I promise.

March 11

Day 114: Choreographing dance at church

March 12

Day 115: Greg’s new truck. At least, it’s new to him.

March 14

Day 116: This is what Greg uses as a key chain. Yes. That’s a mousetrap.


March 13

Day 117: Blizzard hates it when Janelle leaves him. Once a week, we have to go straight from dog obedience to dance and Blizzard has to wait in the car with me during the 45 minute dance class. He spends the whole time going from window to window, watching and whining, until Janelle comes back.

March 15

Day 118: There’s still snow in the field, but not nearly as much as a couple of weeks ago. Maybe spring will come one of these days.

March 16

Day 119: The best part of St Patrick’s Day? McDonald’s Shamrock shake 🙂


March 17

Day 120: Working hard to get the dance perfect before Palm Sunday

March 18

Day 121: Greg found this in one of our sheds. He thinks it’s cool. I think it’s gross.

March 19

Day 122: The tomatoes are starting to come up

March 20

Day 123: Eric’s new car. After over a month of waiting for insurance money, he was finally able to buy a new car.

March 21

Day 124: On our way to Iowa, we stopped for breakfast and had to invest in some of these chocolate, peanut butter mammoth muffins. Yum!

March 22

Day 125: Cousins, some who don’t want to get their picture taken

March 23

Day 126: On our way home, the icicles along the Mississippi River.

March 24

Day 127: Again,  you have to look closely, but there are about 20 deer in that field across the street from our house.

March 25

Day 128: So much for spring. It’s snowing again.

March 26

Day 129: The results of last night’s snow fall.

March 27

Day 130: At least it’s spring weather this time. Rain is better than snow this late in the year.

Project 365, Days 10-30

Nov 27

Day 10: November 27: I finally got around to dealing with the carrots from my garden. There were some really big carrots.

Nov 28

Day 11: One of the treats during the Thanksgiving Day football game–fruit salsa with cinnamon chips.

Nov 29

Day 12: Another Thanksgiving Day pic (so, I guess this is technically still day 11). The pre-dinner food line up. We had to have something to eat during the football game. We weren’t quite so hungry at turkey time

Nov 30

Day 13: And now, a couple pictures that I didn’t take, but just have to include. Greg’s senior pictures. Is he really a senior already?

Dec 1

Day 14: Another from the senior picture shoot

Dec 2

Day 15: Since we don’t have a recent, good picture of Janelle, we had a couple of her done during Greg’s senior picture shoot.

Dec 3

Day 16: We got a new refrigerator. And, best of all, it was free. My favorite price.

Dec 4

Day 17: Janelle, 2 of her friends and their piano teacher played their violins in the mall while manning the Salvation Army kettle.

Dec 5

Day 18: Practicing for the upcoming Christmas Cantata at church

Dec 6

Day 19: It’s sock folding day. Whenever the sock basket starts to overflow, I know it’s time to sort and fold socks.

Dec 7

Day 20: Janelle and her dance friends from church entertained in the mall. Janelle choreographed this dance to “Christmas This Year” by Toby Mac. Also on the entertainment list this Saturday was the church’s children’s choir and a couple of solos on piano and violin.

Dec 8

Day 21: Greg had several “extra” roles in a production of A Christmas Carol: The Musical. I don’t remember which role this costume was for. I think he had about 6 different costumes.

Dec 9

Day 22: Co-op geography class. Not sure if they’re working hard or hardly working…

Dec 10

Day 23: It can be extremely difficult to fold laundry with Blizzard around. He loves to make himself comfortable in the baskets and can get a bit unhappy when clothes are removed for folding.

Dec 11

Day 24: Our new car shows the outside temp. On evenings like this one, I really wish it didn’t. That is just too cold.

Dec 12

Day 25: Step one in the making of fried ice cream for my co-op classes–making ice cream balls.

Dec 13

Day 26: Once the ice cream balls are frozen, I add a coating of corn flakes and cinnamon and they’re ready for frying at Monday’s class.

Dec 14

Day 27: I’m thinking the boys’ room needs a bit of cleaning before family comes next weekend.

Dec 15

Day 28: In an attempt to get organized before my family gets here, I cleaned out and organized the freezer. Each shelf has the food for a different day. Sunday’s food in on the top shelf, Mondays on the second, and so on. That way, I don’t have to search the whole freezer every day for the necessary food.

Dec 16

Day 29: Co-op classes Christmas party

Dec 17

Day 30: And, since I didn’t take a photo today, another from yesterday. Food from the Christmas party.  I know. Boring.

Project 365, Days 232-247

July 10


Day 232, July 10, 2013:  Lots of lettuce from the garden


July 11


Day 233: A group from our church went to Karitos, a worship arts conference in Chicago for 3 days. The girls had fun relaxing in the pool our first night there


July 12


Day 234: Before one of the workshops started, the girls showed off one of their dances for the instructors


July 13


Day 235: Our group danced in the talent showcase on Saturday


July 14


Day 236: The first peppers and broccoli from the garden


July 15


Day 237: VBS skit practice


July 16

Day 238: Besides being VBS season, it’s also 4-H season. We’re busy getting projects ready for the fair. Here, Janelle is working on one of her ceramics projects.


July 17


Day 239: Greg working on one of his vases in ceramics


July 18


Day 240: My project. None of my kids would do the Cheesehead Santa for me, so I decided to do it myself.


July 19


Day 241: One of the Facebook groups I’m part of has a “silly Saturday” challenge every week. This week’s challenge was to do a plank in a unique place or in a unique way.


July 20


Day 242: An afternoon of working in the yard, carrying branches, left an allergic reaction on my arm. It went away fairly quickly, though, so it wasn’t poison ivy


July 21


Day 243: Another rainy day. Things were just drying out nicely when about an inch and a half fell in our area.


July 22


Day 244: I didn’t take this one, but am including it anyway. My softball team


July 23


Day 245: One of Greg’s completed vases, ready for the fair


July 24


Day 246: My completed Cheesehead Santa


July 25


Day 247: After my daily workout–I nailed it today 🙂

Project 365, Days 106-125

March 3
Day 106, March 3:  More snow. That seems to be the story of this winter
March 4
Day 107: Janelle’s art project from today. It’s a copy of a picture that’s on the nursery wall of our church
March 5
Day 108: Cool designs in the snow.
Day 109:  Greg’s been busy buying new chickens. Here’s 3 of his new ones
March 7
Day 110: And, 3 more of his flock
March 8
Day 111: I was sick for about a  week. Blizzard spent the week curled up by my feet on the couch. He’s my little napping buddy.
March 9
Day 112: And, when mom is sick for a while, somehow the house doesn’t get cleaned. This is what the entryway looked like after a couple of days.
March 10
Day 113: Janelle’s also been busy buying new animals. She has several new rabbits, including this little Netherland Dwarf
March 11
Day 114: She also got a new Angora
March 12
Day 115: And, one more new little bunny 🙂
March 13
Day 116:  This cow decided to check out the backyard.
March 14
Day 117: Kaiser wants a treat 🙂
Day 118: The last of Janelle’s new bunnies.
March 16
Day 119: I finally got around to grocery shopping. I needed a lot, especially since I plan on filling the freezer with a month’s worth of meals
March 17
Day 120: The freezer is now full of meals.
March 18
Day 121: It doesn’t show up on this photo very well, but it’s snowing again. It’s hard to believe it’s almost Spring.
March 19
Day 122: Besides the snow, we had a lot of wind, so there are lots of drifts
March 20
Day 123: The first day of spring, and the temp is only 6 degrees, with a wind chill below zero.
Day 124: Even though the weather isn’t saying spring, I’ve started spring housecleaning. The kitchen is first.
March 22
Day 125: A sign of spring–a bit of grass and birds gathering supplies to build nests.

Project 365, Days 76-84

Feb 1
Day 76, February 1: I think it’s time for the boys to pick up their room just a bit
Feb 2
Day 77: Come on, gimme a kiss!
Feb 3
Day 78: The weather hasn’t been the best lately, but it’s allowed for a few nice nature shots. This was taken at sunrise
Feb 4
Day 79: Some of the art the kids did in art class today. We were using pastels today
Feb 5
Day 80: Frosty morning
Feb 6
Day 81: Another frosty morning (we’re having a lot of them)
Feb 7
Day 82: Another snow storm. This one only dumped about 5 inches on us
Feb 8
Day 83: Last one for a while, I promise
Feb 9
Day 84: Eric came home from rugby practice today with his foot all taped up and needing these to walk. Not sure yet if it’s a sprain or a fracture. I’m hoping for sprain.

Project 365, Days 108-114

March 4.jpg
Day 108: A frosty, foggy morning
March 5.jpg
Day 109:  I was bored. 🙂
March 6.jpg
Day 110:  The joys of Spring on the farm.  Lots of muddy boots and shoes.
March 7.jpg
Day 110:  Buddy was “helping” us clean rabbit cages
March 8.jpg
Day 111:  More Spring on the farm.  Lots of mud
March 9.jpg
Day 112: New machinery. We’re trying this mixer out, but probably won’t be buying it.
March 10.jpg
Day 113: Janelle’s new Silver Fox doe.
March 11.jpg
Day 114: The first egg from one of Greg’s new chickens. The one on the left is from Greg’s bird, the one on the right is a store-bought egg. And, yes, the egg is a greenish color. This breed, the Ameraucana, is also called the “Easter egg chicken” because it lays colored eggs.