Project 365, Days 63-68

Jan 19.jpg

Day 63, January 19, 2014: One of the joys of living on a farm in winter–mice sometimes find their way in the house. This is one of the precautionary traps I have set in the basement, just in case. Haven’t caught anything yet.

Jan 20.jpg

Day 64: The tool Greg needs to tune the piano arrived today, so Greg is happily learning how it works.

Jan 21.jpg

Day 65: This is the mess in my laundry room. All sorts of dirty barn clothes. I tripped over this lovely pile and ended up flat on my face.

Jan 22.jpg

Day 66: Blizzard got a haircut today. He’s all white and fluffy again. Janelle thought he needed something to help keep him warm since he has less fur than before, so she got him this pink sweatshirt.

Jan 23.jpg

Day 67: Why can’t dirty clothes end up in the hamper? Would it really be more difficult to drop them over a couple of inches?

Jan 24.jpg

Day 68: A cold, windy day. Our road is blowing shut. Hopefully a snowplow comes down the road soon, or we’ll be stranded.

Project 365, Days 51-62

Jan 7.jpg

Day 51, January 7: Blizzard got ahold of this ice cream bucket with a bit of leftover soup in it and carried it away to his favorite spot–under my bed.

Jan 8.jpg


Day 52:  I haven’t had a pic of Eric lately, so here’s one of him lounging around

Jan 9.jpg

Day 53: Yep. It’s still cold.

Jan 10.jpg


Day 54: The moon is rising

Jan 11.jpg


Day 55: Kaiser wants to come in. He always wants to come in.

Jan 12.jpg


Day 56: Blizzard is looking a little shaggy and dirty. I think it’s time for a haircut.

Jan 13.jpg

Day 57: Sunset

Jan 14.jpg


Day 58:  It’s not as cold, but now we’re having lots of snow.

Jan 15.jpg

Day 59: Still snowing

Jan 16.jpg

Day 60: I came home to find the piano opened up and Greg happily working on it. He’s trying to fix the broken keys and then he wants to tune it himself.

Jan 17.jpg

Day 61: Dinner tonight was seafood chowder. It was a hit with the family.

Jan 18.jpg

Day 62: What happens when I open a bag of candy that I intended to use in Spanish class? It all gets eaten long before Spanish class.

Project365, Days 41-50

Dec 28

Day 41, December 28: You have to watch Blizzard. He likes to steal your place. I think he believes he’s a person.

Dec 29

Day 42: The chalkboard wall in my daughter’s room gets lots of use. Lots of Doctor Who and Loki stuff on it right now.

Dec 30

Day 43: At this time of year, all the boots come in the house because it’s too cold in the garage. This tends to make a bit of a mess of the floor.

Dec 31


Day 44: A New Year’s Eve treat. Almond patties, also know as banket.

Jan 1

Day 45: Another Dutch treat for New Years–Oliebollen

Jan 2

Day 46: The youth group schedule says the topic for May 6 is “Die”. Maybe we want to miss that day 🙂

Jan 3

Day 47: Winter sunset

Jan 4

Day 48:  Getting ready for the Packer playoff game.

Jan 5

Day 49: Packer Party. Too bad they didn’t win. No more parties until September (at least not Packer Parties)

Jan 6

Day 50: The worst thing about this photo? The temp wasn’t even at it’s lowest yet. It went down a couple more degrees.


Project 365, Days 327-360

Day 327, October 13, 2013: Another beautiful sunset out here on the farm.
Day 328: Our car broke down on the way to church yesterday. Roland is trying to diagnose the problem and get it up and running again.
Day 329: I found a new bread recipe. 2 loaves of bread from start to finish in about an hour. I love it!
Day 330: My little helper
Day 331, October 17, 11 months done: Blizzard is a sneaky little dog sometimes. He’ll do anything to get our plates and bowls after we finish eating.
Day 332: Fall colors outside my bedroom window.
Day 333:  Greg’s soccer team finished second in an all day tournament on a cold Saturday. Greg liked to keep his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. I don’t know how he ran like that, but he managed.
Day 334: A foggy drive to church
Day 335: Greg’s last soccer game of his high school career.
Day 336:  The carrot crop from my garden. Everything is now harvested.
Day 337: Yummy fresh carrots. Greg did all the work cleaning them and cutting them up
Day 338: What to do with all those carrots? Freeze them for winter eating.
Day 339: Happy birthday to my 14 year old 🙂
Day 340: The Waupun Area Homeschool Soccer team
Day 341: Tonight’s dinner–Island grilled chicken with fresh carrots and watermelon
Day 342: Janelle decided to have some color added to her hair. The first step was to bleach her brown hair.
Day 343: OK, this one was taken the same day as yesterday’s photo. After the bleach, red was the color of choice.
Day 344: The finished product
Day 345: Dinner today was chorizo pepper shrimp
Day 346: I know Kaiser wants to come in, but does he really have to mess up the patio door in his efforts to enter?
Day 347: One of Janelle’s English Angora rabbits. We had to groom them–brush, cut nails, shave them. Angoras are a lot of work.
Day 348: Another Angora. This one is a boy.
Day 349: Josh fell asleep during the Packer game. I don’t know how he can do that, but he did.
Day 350: The red in Janelle’s hair faded very fast, so we decided to switch to blue.
Day 351: Roland’s real estate course arrived. Let the studying begin.
Day 352: I had to have part of my toenail removed because of an ingrown toenail. It didn’t hurt at all, until the stuff the Dr injected wore off. Advil has become my friend.
Day 353: There seems to be a little bit of rust in our water. Time to scrub the tub again.
Day 354: I went to McDonalds with 7 teenage girls while waiting for the movie Thor to start. They are an interesting group.
Day 355: Yep. Another sunset. I really like sunsets.
Day 356: November 11, first snow. It wasn’t much, but it was there. Yuck.
Day 357: Today was the perfect day for a big pot of chili
Day 358: Usually the dogs are to blame for mud on the floor. Today, it’s one of the guys. At least the guilty party cleaned it up.
Day 359: The car that Roland worked to repair totally died, so we decided it was time to invest in a new vehicle. It’s a 2004 Buick Rendevous and I love it.
Day 360: Happy 19th birthday, Eric

Project 365, Days 309-326

Day 309, Sept 25: Blizzard is our watch dog. I’m not sure what he’s watching for right now, but he’s been sitting there, watching for a long time.
Day 310: Our mystery fruit. A tree with this fruit started growing with our pear tree a couple of years ago. We have determined it is a quince. I don’t think we have the right growing season for it to actually ripen and I’m not sure what I’d do with them if they did ripen.
Day 311: Our apple crop this year. Time to make applesauce
Day 312: After months of practice, it’s finally time for the worship celebration. Lots of music and dance and praise and worship
Day 313: Worship celebration, day 2
Day 314: We’ve had several foggy mornings lately
Day 315: Greg and his amazing soccer skills
Day 316: Spider web in the early morning dew
Day 317: This soccer game didn’t end as well as we had hoped, but the trees that were changing color added some beautiful scenery
Day 318: Yet another sunset.
Day 319: Fall colors in Walgreens parking lot
Day 320: Cinnamon red hot applesauce from our apples
Day 321: Yep. More sunset. I promise not too many more. They’re just so beautiful, I have to take pictures
Day 322: These muddy footprints are evidence that Kaiser has made his way into my house again. As if an almost 200 pound dog isn’t enough evidence. There’s no way to hide that much dog.
Day 323: One more sunset. I promise. Last one for a while.
Day 324: Blizzard’s caught red-handed (or red-pawed). He grabbed a container from the table and carried it into the living room to devour it’s contents.
Day 325: We’re nearing the end of the soccer season. Only 2 games left.
Day 326: It’s ladybug season. They’re making their annual appearance in my dining room.

Project 365, Days 257-263

Day 257, August 4, 2013: The tomatoes are ripening very quickly now. Yea!!


Day 258: Our dragon for the VBS skits. It needs to be painted yet, but it’s almost ready


Day 259: Greg’s chickens are all washed and ready for the fair


Day 260: Greg won Poultry Showmanship, again 🙂


Day 261: Janelle and Blizzard were almost unbeatable at the dog show. Blizzard was reserve grand champion.


Day 262: The finished dragon head.


Day 263: Princesses in pajamas. Final practice for the VBS skits


Project 365, Days 201-213

June 8


Day 201: One of our many cows.  This one doesn’t have a name.

June 9


Day 202: This little kitten is getting a new home. She (or he, I’m not sure which), went home with Josh tonight. But, no worries. We have many more. 2 cats have had kittens and there’s at least one more pregnant.

June 10


Day 203: VBS skit practice.

June 11


Day 204: Tonight’s dinner–steak, fresh lettuce from our garden and roasted asparagus

June 12


Day 205: More rain. We’ve had way too much this spring.

June 13


Day 206:  Fresh lettuce, straight from our garden.

June 14


Day 207: Blizzard is showing us just how long the lawn is. Our mower broke, and we’re waiting for parts. With all the rain we’ve had, the grass is very long.

June 15


Day 208: Janelle’s dance group from church danced in the park at an annual event called “God of the City”, put on by local churches.

June 16


Day 209: Yes, we have eggs. Greg’s chickens have been very prolific layers lately.

June 17


Day 210: A strong storm blew through tonight. The windows were open when the wind very suddenly started blowing really hard. While I was rushing around closing windows, the door to our bedroom slammed shut due to the wind. It slammed so hard, the frame actually broke.

June 18


Day 211: Blizzard loves doing the teeter totter at dog obedience.

June 19


Day 212: For our anniversary, we went for the day to several different places. One of them was to Covered Bridge Park in Cedarburg. This is the last covered bridge in Wisconsin.

June 20


Day 213: Baby bunnies! There are 3 of them in that pile of fur.