Project 365, Days 309-326

Day 309, Sept 25: Blizzard is our watch dog. I’m not sure what he’s watching for right now, but he’s been sitting there, watching for a long time.
Day 310: Our mystery fruit. A tree with this fruit started growing with our pear tree a couple of years ago. We have determined it is a quince. I don’t think we have the right growing season for it to actually ripen and I’m not sure what I’d do with them if they did ripen.
Day 311: Our apple crop this year. Time to make applesauce
Day 312: After months of practice, it’s finally time for the worship celebration. Lots of music and dance and praise and worship
Day 313: Worship celebration, day 2
Day 314: We’ve had several foggy mornings lately
Day 315: Greg and his amazing soccer skills
Day 316: Spider web in the early morning dew
Day 317: This soccer game didn’t end as well as we had hoped, but the trees that were changing color added some beautiful scenery
Day 318: Yet another sunset.
Day 319: Fall colors in Walgreens parking lot
Day 320: Cinnamon red hot applesauce from our apples
Day 321: Yep. More sunset. I promise not too many more. They’re just so beautiful, I have to take pictures
Day 322: These muddy footprints are evidence that Kaiser has made his way into my house again. As if an almost 200 pound dog isn’t enough evidence. There’s no way to hide that much dog.
Day 323: One more sunset. I promise. Last one for a while.
Day 324: Blizzard’s caught red-handed (or red-pawed). He grabbed a container from the table and carried it into the living room to devour it’s contents.
Day 325: We’re nearing the end of the soccer season. Only 2 games left.
Day 326: It’s ladybug season. They’re making their annual appearance in my dining room.

Project 365, Days 257-263

Day 257, August 4, 2013: The tomatoes are ripening very quickly now. Yea!!


Day 258: Our dragon for the VBS skits. It needs to be painted yet, but it’s almost ready


Day 259: Greg’s chickens are all washed and ready for the fair


Day 260: Greg won Poultry Showmanship, again 🙂


Day 261: Janelle and Blizzard were almost unbeatable at the dog show. Blizzard was reserve grand champion.


Day 262: The finished dragon head.


Day 263: Princesses in pajamas. Final practice for the VBS skits


Project 365, Days 201-213

June 8


Day 201: One of our many cows.  This one doesn’t have a name.

June 9


Day 202: This little kitten is getting a new home. She (or he, I’m not sure which), went home with Josh tonight. But, no worries. We have many more. 2 cats have had kittens and there’s at least one more pregnant.

June 10


Day 203: VBS skit practice.

June 11


Day 204: Tonight’s dinner–steak, fresh lettuce from our garden and roasted asparagus

June 12


Day 205: More rain. We’ve had way too much this spring.

June 13


Day 206:  Fresh lettuce, straight from our garden.

June 14


Day 207: Blizzard is showing us just how long the lawn is. Our mower broke, and we’re waiting for parts. With all the rain we’ve had, the grass is very long.

June 15


Day 208: Janelle’s dance group from church danced in the park at an annual event called “God of the City”, put on by local churches.

June 16


Day 209: Yes, we have eggs. Greg’s chickens have been very prolific layers lately.

June 17


Day 210: A strong storm blew through tonight. The windows were open when the wind very suddenly started blowing really hard. While I was rushing around closing windows, the door to our bedroom slammed shut due to the wind. It slammed so hard, the frame actually broke.

June 18


Day 211: Blizzard loves doing the teeter totter at dog obedience.

June 19


Day 212: For our anniversary, we went for the day to several different places. One of them was to Covered Bridge Park in Cedarburg. This is the last covered bridge in Wisconsin.

June 20


Day 213: Baby bunnies! There are 3 of them in that pile of fur.

Project 365, Days 188-193

May 24


Day 188, May 24: One of Janelle’s rabbits is so calm, it will lie on it’s back while Janelle is practicing with it for 4-H showmanship.

May 25

Day 189: The potatoes are growing nicely in the garden. The problem is, so are the weeds. Time to get out there and get some weeding done,  if it stops raining long enough.


May 26


Day 190: Blizzard is pouting. His girl, Janelle, is spending the night at a friend’s house and he feels abandoned.

May 27

Day 191: Memorial Day nails


May 28

Day 192: Janelle is demonstrating how to do rabbit showmanship at a 4-H meeting.

May 29


Day 193: Another 4-H meeting. This one is dog obedience. It’s hard to get a decent picture. If I get too close, Blizzard gets distracted and doesn’t do what he’s supposed to.

Project 365, Days 166-176

May 2
Day 166, May 2:  Strawberries are planted now that the weather has warmed up a bit. Hopefully it stays warm.
May 3
Day 167: The warm weather didn’t last. We had to work at a brat fry fundraiser for the soccer team. Greg got the job of being out in the cold and rain grilling the brats and burgers.
May 4
Day 168: Mt Dew cupcakes
May 5
Day 169: Greg was cooking and the potholder on the right stuck to the bottom of his pan. He didn’t realize it, put the pan on the stove and burned the potholder.
May 6
Day 170: What happens when you try to catch a softball with the wrong hand? You get a bruised hand. Maybe this will help me remember to use the hand with the glove.
May 7
Day 171:  When Blizzard wants to go by Janelle in her room, he doesn’t make any noise. He just sits outside her bedroom door and waits for somebody to notice him.
May 8
Day 172:  Lake Winnebago. I had some time while waiting for Janelle at gymnastics, so I went for a walk through the park.
May 9
Day 173: Greg was feeling creative and made a batch of pretzel rolls. Yummy!
May 10
Day 174: Some of Janelle’s awesome artwork
May 11
Day 175: Mother’s Day roses
May 12
Day 176:  One of my Mother’s Day gifts–a set of Star Trek DVDs. Over 10 hours of  Star Trek 🙂

Project 365, Days 161-165

April 27
Day 161, April 27: The greenhouse is up and the boxes are moved in. Now, they just need to be filled with soil and then planted.
April 28
Day 162: Not a great photo, but this is our elusive cardinal. He’s always around, but never stays long enough to get a photo.
April 29
Day 163: Janelle at dance practice at church.
April 30
Day 164:  Goldfinches at the bird feeder.
May 1
Day 165: These two are my “helpers” while gardening. Blizzard is trying to get Kaiser up and running.

Project 365, Days 135-144

April 1
Day 135, April 1, 2013: Blizzard wants to play.
April 2
Day 136: While driving into town, I had to stop and get a picture of this field. About 20 deer were grazing on what little there is to graze on. I can’t believe the number of deer there are around this year.
April 3
Day 137: Yes, that is snow. I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Will spring ever get here?
April 4
Day 138: Best friends
April 5
Day 139: Anybody wonder why I can’t park the car in the garage? Somehow the skidloader gets priority. Not sure why. Not only the skidloader, but dogs and anything else that seems convenient to stash in the garage. I think it’s time to clean it up and get the car back in there.
April 6
Day 140: Why can’t the kids drop their dirty clothes over a few inches and get them IN the hamper instead of next to it?
April 7
Day 141: At least it’s not snow. Rain is at least a bit more springy, even though it’s a cold rain.
April 8
Day 142: Art class
April 9
Day 143: It’s been raining, and raining, and raining. Our sump pump is going almost constantly, creating a river through the back yard.
April 10
Day 144: Rain turned into ice. The whole area was covered in a layer of ice this morning. It looks nice, but…