Project 365, Days 31-40

In an effort to get caught up with my photos, I’m posting 10 today in a different format.

31) Walmart, where I spend much of my time. Today was an unexpected shift. Somebody called in sick, so I was asked to cover. A little overtime never hurts the budget.
32) Time for a manicure. Janelle brought Nala to visit while I was getting my nails done since everybody in the office was in on the surprise of her arrival in our family.
33) Janelle broke her toe at church on Sunday. She was doing a stretching move and hit the wall with her foot. Good thing her dance studio is on Christmas break for the next couple weeks.
34) My new nails
35) We do manage to have fun at work. Ugly Christmas sweater for 2 anyone?
36) Some mornings, I am greeted with a lot of work when I arrive to start my shift. Where do all these “unwants” come from?
37) We went to Wisconsin Dells for Christmas this year. Spent Christmas Eve relaxing by the pool, soaking in the hot tub and spending time as a family.
38) After getting home, we spent the evening playing games. One of Greg’s favorites is Ticket to Ride.
39) It’s way too cold this morning to be out and about. Unfortunately, I have to work, so here I am.
40) Look at that adorable, dirty face. She’s always sticking her nose in things, so her face is permanently dirty.


Project 365, Days 26-30

Day 26: Nala is the keeper of the shoes. Her favorite thing to do is to carry shoes around the house.


Day 27:  The lighthouse is all lit up for the Christmas season.


Day 28:  This isn’t really a photo, it’s a screenshot. This is the text my daughter sent me today while I was at work. All of us at work thought it was hilarious. Thankfully, Nala never got sick from her dead fish. Several days later, she brought a dead bird into the house.


Day 29: The Hermeneutical Club from Laconia High School stopped by Walmart today with treats for those of us in customer service. It was their way to encourage and thank those who get to deal with the extra busyness of the season.


Day 30:  Sunday in church we had our annual Christmas Cantata. Janelle participated with the dance team.


Project 365, Days 21-25

Day 21:  The first snow of the year met me when I got off work tonight. Even though it looks like a lot of snow, it didn’t really amount to a whole lot.


Day 22: The Christmas tree went up today. I think it’s our best tree ever.


Day 23: More decorating, this time the mantel


Day 24: Fun in co-op class. These two have been friends for years.


Day 25: Nala is too small to get up on our bed, so I made her a little step so she can sleep on the bed with me.


Project 365, Days 31-40

Dec 18

Day 31, December 18: Beautiful sunrise

Dec 19


Day 32: Finally got the boys room fairly clean so there’s room for people to sleep on the floor.

Dec 20

Day 33: Blizzard is sleeping half on/half off Janelle’s bed. He’s usually under the covers.

Dec 21

Day 34: The peaceful calm before the storm. A winter storm warning is set to kick in later today, right when my family is scheduled to arrive. But, for now, the frost on the trees makes everything look so peaceful.

Dec 22

Day 35: That winter storm didn’t dump quite as much snow as was predicted, but there was enough for a couple of vehicles to get stuck in our driveway.

Dec 23


Day 36: Greg’s organ was popular over Christmas. Here, my brother Jim is getting some pointers on how to play it

Dec 24

Day 37: A family tradition: the Rook card white elephant gift exchange. Eric got this awesome inflatable mohawk

Dec 25

Day 38: My nephew, Devin, designed a carpetball tournament. It was double-elimination and was complete with an official bracket and prizes for the top 3 finishers.  Janelle finished 4th.

Dec 26

Day 39: Another frosty, peaceful day. This time, there’s a lot more snow on the ground.

Dec 27

Day 40: This one is from a couple of days ago. The kids in our church’s Christmas program. They were cute 🙂

Project 365, Days 18-25

Day 18, Dec 5: Janelle had another dance practice at church for all the different dances she’s doing in both the Sunday School program and the Cantata. Tis the season to be busy.
Day 19: On cold days, messages like this appear on our memo board, just to remind us that soon we’ll be in warm places.’
Day 20: And, just in case we need the reminder, we have this board that’s been counting down since about 20 weeks.
Day 21: Blizzard is all ready for Christmas 🙂
Day 22: Christmas candy! I bought a lot to fill bags for all the kids in the Christmas program. It looked so good, I just had to take a picture.
Day 23: Practicing the skit for the Christmas program. Eric play God; he’s creating Eve in this part of the skit.
Day 24: The kids in the Christmas program. Aren’t they cute?
Day 25: It was the last day of Chemistry class and the last Spanish class until after New Years, so we had a little party. The students ate and here they are playing Taboo. The Spanish students also had to take a test, but they still found some time for having fun.