End of an era

Monday, May 21, 2018 marked the end of an era. Actually, 2 eras. For 10 years, I have spent almost every Monday afternoon in our church basement. Why? Because I have been teaching a variety of classes for our local homeschoolers. Most of the classes have been for High School, but I have done a few for the younger kids as well. I have taught Spanish, Biology dissection, Physics, Geology, Geography, Art, writing (we even had a class where everybody wrote a novel), Public Speaking, and several literature classes ranging from Little House on the Prairie to Shakespeare. Monday, we had our last class. We ended the year with a movie and pizza party.

Monday also ended 14 years of homeschooling for me. I have successfully guided all three of my kids through school. An adventure that started with us saying “Let’s try it for a year and see how it goes” has ended with Janelle finishing High School. There were days I thought I was crazy. There were days where I was sure we would never survive. But, here we are. Three adult children.

I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

Project 365, Days 81-90

Day 81: Nala loves Mint Oreo mixers from Culvers

Day 82: After eating the last little bit out of the bottom of the ice cream cup, she has slightly green-tinted fur. Bath time!

Day 83: Another night after work, another dead battery. Waiting for a ride, again.

Day 84: Stockmen at work couldn’t keep up so I get the “pleasure” of pushing carts in. Yea me.

Day 85: Finally a sunny day. Now, if the temperature would just go up a bit

Day 86: Early Valentine’s day dinner at Casa del Tequila

Day 87: There’s no telling what these girls will do in co-op class. Today, it was trying to imitate one of the 10 Commandments posters in the Sunday School room. They’re trying to look like a 5

Day 88: New nails again.

Day 89: Roses for Valentine’s Day

Day 90: Outside at work again. This time, shoveling and salting the slippery handicapped parking spots.

Project 365, Days 135-144

April 1
Day 135, April 1, 2013: Blizzard wants to play.
April 2
Day 136: While driving into town, I had to stop and get a picture of this field. About 20 deer were grazing on what little there is to graze on. I can’t believe the number of deer there are around this year.
April 3
Day 137: Yes, that is snow. I woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Will spring ever get here?
April 4
Day 138: Best friends
April 5
Day 139: Anybody wonder why I can’t park the car in the garage? Somehow the skidloader gets priority. Not sure why. Not only the skidloader, but dogs and anything else that seems convenient to stash in the garage. I think it’s time to clean it up and get the car back in there.
April 6
Day 140: Why can’t the kids drop their dirty clothes over a few inches and get them IN the hamper instead of next to it?
April 7
Day 141: At least it’s not snow. Rain is at least a bit more springy, even though it’s a cold rain.
April 8
Day 142: Art class
April 9
Day 143: It’s been raining, and raining, and raining. Our sump pump is going almost constantly, creating a river through the back yard.
April 10
Day 144: Rain turned into ice. The whole area was covered in a layer of ice this morning. It looks nice, but…

Project 365, Days 85-95

Feb 10
Day 85, Feb 10, 2013: Yes, these are light-up balloons. Totally cool
Feb 11
Day 86: This is what a 13 year old girl looks like when her mom is dancing the Macarena in Art class 🙂
Feb 12
Day 87: We had 20 deer in our field today. I couldn’t get them all in one photo, but here’s 5 of them
Feb 13
Day 88: This just amuses me. If you read the label carefully it says “Wisconsin Quality”, “Made in Kansas”, the address is listed as Springdale, AR.
Feb 14
Day 89: I think I figured out how the butter wrappers got into my bedroom. Silly puppy.
Feb 15
Day 90: I’m not sure what possessed us, but we decided to butcher one of our cows ourselves instead of sending it to a butcher shop. My dining room was turned into a meat locker for a day.
Feb 16
Day 91: All cut up and in the freezer. We ended up with over 200 pounds of meat, all boneless
Feb 17
Day 92, Feb 17, 3 months done: Yeah. It’s a bit cold today
Feb 18
Day 93: This is what my art students had to draw today, in honor of Valentine’s Day last week
Feb 19
Day 94: This heifer got out of the fence. The dogs spent the day trying to chase her back in, but she didn’t want to cooperate with them
Feb 20
Day 95: Blizzard want to come in out of the snow.

Project 365, Days 68-75

Jan 24.jpg
Day 68, January 24:  How am I supposed to go to bed when hubby is sound asleep like this? 🙂
Jan 25.jpg
Day 69: Kaiser wants a treat. He’s always coming to the door begging.
Jan 26.jpg
Day 70: Orange chicken for dinner. This was the first time I’ve made it. It was a hit. Recipe will be coming soon
Jan 27.jpg
Day 71: More snow. We’ve been getting a lot of it this month
Jan 28.jpg
Day 72: Monday’s art class, again.
Jan 29.jpg
Day 73: A very foggy morning
Jan 30.jpg
Day 74: After a day of fog and rain, we had a day of snow and now everything is all white again.
Jan 31.jpg
Day 75: Snow hanging off the roof in front of the living room window.

Project 365, Days 63-67

Jan 19.jpg
Day 63, January 19: This is what happens when hubby works on a big project in the garage. He moved everything out of his way and piled it on top of the freezer, and in front of the freezer…How am I supposed to get anything out of there?
Jan 20.jpg
Day 64: Baked potato soup
Jan 21.jpg
Day 65: Not an official “photo” since it’s a screen shot of my phone, but it tells the story of the week–it’s cold!!
Jan 22.jpg
Day 66: Art class. We’re working with oil pastels this month
Jan 23.jpg
Day 67:  One of the benefits of living out in the country–deer in the field. There were actually 10 of them out there today.

Project 365, Days 23-29

Dec 10.jpg
Day 23, December 10: Today’s biology dissection was a sheep’s brain. They have an amazingly small brain.
Dec 11.jpg
Day 24: The guys got our Christmas tree. We put it in the stand and realized the stand is broken. I guess it will stay leaning against the wall until I get a new stand
Dec 12.jpg
Day 25: One of the dancing angels at dress rehearsal for the Christmas cantata
Dec 13.jpg
Day 26: Experimenting with my nails. Red with glitter, but you can’t see the glitter in the picture
Dec 14.jpg
Day 27: I guess I didn’t get the front door closed all the way and Kaiser got it. At least it was no problem to locate him. I just followed the footprints.
Dec 15.jpg
Day 28: Janelle had fun coloring her hair. It’s only temporary and will wash right out, but it looks cool
Dec 16.jpg
Day 29: Janelle getting ready to dance in the Cantata at church.