Project 365, Days 86-96

Feb 11.jpg

Day 86, February 11: Making a big pot of chili on a cold winter day

Feb 12.jpg

Day 87: Sending out college stuff for Greg.

Feb 13.jpg

Day 88: Eric’s car was hit by a snowplow while he was on his way to work this morning.

Feb 14.jpg


Day 89: Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 15.jpg

Day 90: My little laundry helper

Feb 16.jpg

Day 91: I find it amusing that a warning is required to say that a can of real crab meat contains crab. It better contain crab. That’s why I bought it.

Feb 17.jpg

Day 92: More winter weather is on the way. It’s been a very “wintery” winter this year.

Feb 18.jpg

Day 93: When I woke up this morning, there were 6 Mt Dew cans in the living room. 5 were empty, 1 was not. Why are they left in the living room? Is it really so hard to put them in the recycling?

Feb 19.jpg

Day 94: Winter storm 2 days ago. Rain and warm today. Yes, that is grass showing through. Yea!!

Feb 20.jpg

Day 95: Blizzard and Greg kept each other company in the car while waiting for Janelle to finish dance class. Blizzard does not like being away from his girl.

Feb 21.jpg

Day 96: It’s been really windy since last night. So windy that it blew down our satellite dish. I guess we won’t be watching the Olympics closing ceremonies this weekend.

Project 365, Days 69-85

Jan 25.jpg

Day 69, January 25, 2014: Blizzard found Janelle’s old bean bag in the basement and has made himself comfortable in it.

Jan 26.jpg

Day 70: Sunset. This one is through the window, so there’s some distortion, but it was too cold to open the window or go outside

Jan 27.jpg


Day 71: Not much happening around here, so I’ve resorted to taking a picture of my new slipper. 🙂

Jan 28.jpg

Day 72: Eric’s car is having a hard time starting in all this cold weather. He’s getting to be a pro at using jumper cables.

Jan 29.jpg

Day 73: It’s Doctor Who time. It’s all Janelle’s fault that I’ve started watching this show.

Jan 30.jpg

Day 74: Yes, it’s snowing again.

Jan 31.jpg

Day 75: Maple glazed pork loin

Feb 1.jpg

Day 76: Eric started a new job and has to be at work some mornings at 5:30. He’s a bit tired at the end of the day.

Feb 2.jpg

Day 77: Oops. I hit the side of the garage with the side mirror.  In my defense, the skid loader was parked in the garage, as well, taking up a lot of space and I hit some ice on my way out of the garage and slid a bit.

Feb 3.jpg

Day 78: It’s not snowing much, but it is very windy and our road is rapidly drifting shut.

Feb 4.jpg

Day 79: Our microwave door no longer stays closed. We tape it when we’re not using it and have to hold it closed when using it.

Feb 5.jpg

Day 80: It seems like every morning lately, I wake up to find a mess in the living room. Dishes, mail, clothes, furniture moved.  I may have to banish everybody from the living room when I go to bed at night.

Feb 6.jpg

Day 81: Tilapia with mango salsa. Yum!

Feb 7.jpg

Day 82: Janelle loves to dance, and so we’ve started putting up a mirrored wall in the basement to help her. One section is up, with more to come in the near future.

Feb 8.jpg

Day 83:  Eric put his car in the ditch on his way home from work.

Feb 9.jpg

Day 84: Blizzard is a little beggar. He really wants Eric’s food.

Feb 10.jpg

Day 85: Enough already. It’s February. No more below zero weather, please!


Seafood Chowder

I’ve never made seafood chowder before, but had several ingredients on hand that would work with this simple recipe, so I decided to give it a try. It was a success with the family (except Janelle who doesn’t like anything seafood)

Easy Seafood Chowder


4-5 slices bacon
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 can cream-style corn
1 can cream of potato soup
2 cups half and half
1 pkg (8 oz) cream cheese, cubed
1 can crab meat
1 can clams
1/2 pound frozen, cooked shrimp

In dutch oven, cut up bacon into small pieces and fry, with onions and garlic, until bacon is starting to get crisp. Depending on the size of the shrimp you are using, you may want to chop them into small pieces. Add all other ingredients to the pot and heat, without boiling, until cream cheese is melted and shrimp are heated through. Depending on how thick you like your chowder, you can either add more or less half and half.

Three Can Shrimp Chowder Recipe        Jan 17.jpg

Project 365, Days 51-62

Jan 7.jpg

Day 51, January 7: Blizzard got ahold of this ice cream bucket with a bit of leftover soup in it and carried it away to his favorite spot–under my bed.

Jan 8.jpg


Day 52:  I haven’t had a pic of Eric lately, so here’s one of him lounging around

Jan 9.jpg

Day 53: Yep. It’s still cold.

Jan 10.jpg


Day 54: The moon is rising

Jan 11.jpg


Day 55: Kaiser wants to come in. He always wants to come in.

Jan 12.jpg


Day 56: Blizzard is looking a little shaggy and dirty. I think it’s time for a haircut.

Jan 13.jpg

Day 57: Sunset

Jan 14.jpg


Day 58:  It’s not as cold, but now we’re having lots of snow.

Jan 15.jpg

Day 59: Still snowing

Jan 16.jpg

Day 60: I came home to find the piano opened up and Greg happily working on it. He’s trying to fix the broken keys and then he wants to tune it himself.

Jan 17.jpg

Day 61: Dinner tonight was seafood chowder. It was a hit with the family.

Jan 18.jpg

Day 62: What happens when I open a bag of candy that I intended to use in Spanish class? It all gets eaten long before Spanish class.

Project 365, Days 221-231

June 28


Day 221, June 28: The area in front of our house, after all the rain made the weeds grow and before I got to work on it.

June 29


Day 222: And..after I worked on it. Still needs some work and more color, but it’s better than the weeds

June 30


Day 223: Another storm is on the way. When will all the rain end?


July 1

Day 224: Bryce is relaxing during VBS skit practice


July 2

Day 225: Janelle’s working on her ceramics projects for 4-H


July 3


Day 226: Dinner was salmon, grapes and lettuce straight from the garden


July 4Day 227: What happens when I take care of Greg’s chickens? I smash my leg into a hidden piece of machinery and take a chunk out of my leg. Right after this, I slipped and fell in a bunch of mud. Not my favorite job.


July 5


Day 228: Greg’s chickens have been laying lots of eggs lately. Time to get these washed and put away.

July 6


Day 229: We had a bonfire with Alita and her girls. We haven’t had very many this year. It’s been too wet


July 7


Day 230: Greg’s souvenir from his mission trip to Costa Rica.


July 9


Day 231: I started a new workout program today. 25 minutes of cardio with no breaks. 265 calories burned.

Project 365, Days 194-200

June 1


Day 194, June 1: Kaiser, our big St Bernard, has figured out which bedroom window is mine. Now, if he thinks I need to get out of bed in the morning, he comes to my window, puts his paws up on the house and whines. He leaves dirty pawprints under the window.

June 2


Day 195: Storm front coming

June 3


Day 196: Janelle has been practicing with the dance team at church every Monday evening.

June 4


Day 197: Note to self: use a bigger bowl when making a double batch of this bread. It kinda overflowed overnight. I had a bit of a mess to clean up. But, it still tasted good.


June 5


Day 198: Dinner tonight was garlic baked shrimp and roasted broccoli. Very yummy 🙂

June 6


Day 199: I have no idea what was going through my son’s head. My husband wrote the word “plastic” on our memo board to remind him of something. My son added the rest late one night after I went to bed. Who can understand teenage boys?


June 7


Day 200: Eric hurt his foot playing rugby. Somebody stepped on it, leaving it swollen and very sore. The good news is it’s not broken at all. The bad news is that he won’t be able to play in his big tournament this weekend.




Project 365, Days 145-150

April 11
Day 145, April 11, 2103: It’s the middle of April and I finally updated our calendar to April instead of March.
April 12
Day 146: Greg performed with Spring Light Theatre in Winneconne, WI this spring. They did The Pirates of Penzance. Greg was both a pirate and a policeman. That’s  Greg on the left with 2 of his fellow officers.
April 13
Day 147: The greenhouse is ready for the plastic. Now, we just need a nice day so we can put the plastic on.
April 14
Day 148: This is what happens to a patio door window when it’s muddy outside and you have a St Bernard who wants to come in the house for a little love.
April 15
Day 149: Greg’s version of fried wontons. They aren’t the same shape as mine, but the sure do taste good
April 16
Day 150: It’s hard to see, but this smiley face appeared in the muddy window, thanks to Josh, who comes to help milk cows a couple times a week.

Project 365, Days 68-75

Jan 24.jpg
Day 68, January 24:  How am I supposed to go to bed when hubby is sound asleep like this? 🙂
Jan 25.jpg
Day 69: Kaiser wants a treat. He’s always coming to the door begging.
Jan 26.jpg
Day 70: Orange chicken for dinner. This was the first time I’ve made it. It was a hit. Recipe will be coming soon
Jan 27.jpg
Day 71: More snow. We’ve been getting a lot of it this month
Jan 28.jpg
Day 72: Monday’s art class, again.
Jan 29.jpg
Day 73: A very foggy morning
Jan 30.jpg
Day 74: After a day of fog and rain, we had a day of snow and now everything is all white again.
Jan 31.jpg
Day 75: Snow hanging off the roof in front of the living room window.

Project 365, Days 63-67

Jan 19.jpg
Day 63, January 19: This is what happens when hubby works on a big project in the garage. He moved everything out of his way and piled it on top of the freezer, and in front of the freezer…How am I supposed to get anything out of there?
Jan 20.jpg
Day 64: Baked potato soup
Jan 21.jpg
Day 65: Not an official “photo” since it’s a screen shot of my phone, but it tells the story of the week–it’s cold!!
Jan 22.jpg
Day 66: Art class. We’re working with oil pastels this month
Jan 23.jpg
Day 67:  One of the benefits of living out in the country–deer in the field. There were actually 10 of them out there today.

Project 365, Days 50-62

Jan 6.jpg
Day 50, January 6, 2013: Blizzard in one of his favorite locations, sitting on my pillow
Jan 7.jpg
Day 51: Today I conquered Mount Sockmore. Way too many socks piling up in a laundry basket, it was time to sort and fold
Jan 8.jpg
Day 52: The snow is melting.
Jan 9.jpg
Day 53: Kaiser has been playing in the garage again. His favorite game is running away with people’s shoes and boots.
Jan 10.jpg
Day 54: I was feeling overly domestic and tried a new recipe–Chicken and Lemon Orzo. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself
Jan 11.jpg
Day 55: Trying out the Packer gear for tomorrow’s party.
Jan 12.jpg
Day 56: The newest addition to the Packer get-up–green and yellow stripes in the hair. I used chalk and it washes right out.
Jan 13.jpg
Day 57: This is what happens when I ask the boys for their dirty laundry.  A pile so big, it was impossible to get through the hallway
Jan 14.jpg
Day 58: A load of hay arrived today. Some of the load had to be unloaded at the end of the driveway, so we had this pile of bales down near the road.
Jan 15.jpg
Day 59: So many workouts, so little time
Jan 16.jpg
Day 60: This project has been sitting in the garage for several months, and is finally getting finished–a green house for the garden. The frame pieces are put together
Jan 17.jpg
Day 61, January 17, 2 months done: This is where the greenhouse is going to go.
Jan 18.jpg
Day 62: Putting up the frame pieces.