Happy 50th Birthday to me

My daughter planned an awesome birthday party for me, with the help of her dad and brothers. We had food, fun, friends and family and it made this milestone so much more fun to celebrate with everybody.

Project 365, Days 316-321

Day 316: October 1, 2011: Bonfire with friends
Day 317: This was the first year we’ve gotten a real apple harvest from our trees. Yea!!
Day 318: This little guy came wandering onto our property today. He’s obviously well taken care of and well behaved, so somebody’s been missing him. 2 days later, we found his family and learned that his name is Sammy.
Day 319: Another soccer game. The boys won 3-0!! It was a really fun game to watch since the teams were really evenly matched for most of it.
Day 320: I just love fall colors!
Day 321: Yes, this wagon is tipped on it’s side. It was one of those days in the field. The wagon, which was full at the time, tipped and all the feed that was in it had to be scooped by hand to get it cleaned up.

Project 365, Days 229-235

Day 229, July 5: If you look real close, you can see Blizzard sleeping soundly in my basket of clean socks. He loves to sleep in my laundry baskets.
Day 230: Blizzard, again.
Day 231: We got a shipment of baby chicks today! These little guys will taste so good in about 8 weeks πŸ™‚
Day 232: A great way to spend a summer evening–bonfire with friends.
Day 233: In addition to the baby chicks, one of Greg’s pairs of pigeons hatched an egg this week. The baby pigeon is in the lower right corner, all pink and feather-less. Not the cutest little thing, but he should get some feathers soon.
Day 234: Yes, it’s an animal kind of week around here. Not only does Blizzard love to sleep in my laundry baskets, he loves to sleep with anything of Janelle’s. This time, he hauled her flip flop into my basket for the ultimate in sleeping comfort and enjoyment.
Day 235: Janelle and I spent 3 hours cleaning bunny cages. Janelle is supposed to be spraying the cages. However, since it’s so hot, I don’t mind a little water πŸ™‚

Project 365, Days 224-228

Day 224, June 30: Janelle and Blizzard at the 4-H dog obedience meeting. Blizzard is slowly figuring out what he’s supposed to be doing. Hopefully he’ll be really good by fair time.
Day 225: My homeschool closet, all neat and clean and organized. I didn’t take a “before” picture, but, believe me, it was a disaster!
Day 226: Doesn’t Greg look nice in the hat? πŸ™‚
Day 227: Now it’s Janelle’s turn to model a new hat.
Day 228: What a great way to spend a hot 4th of July

Project 365, Days 219-223

Day 219: One problem with having dogs–they like to dig. We have several large holes in front of our house. They’ve dug up my flower pots. Little Blizzard here isn’t the biggest culprit. He’ll happily play in the holes dug by the other 2 dogs, but he doesn’t dig them so much. The other day, I heard something hitting my front door. When I looked out, there was Buddy, our Blue Heeler, happily digging the hole in this photo, dirt flying all over.
Day 220: Dinner tonight: Coconut fried chicken, Ramen noodles (quick & easy, gotta love them), lettuce, and fresh fruit.
Day 221: Eric at his softball game. They won 14-0 πŸ™‚
Day 222: My lawn care service: 3 of the Reddersen boys came to help with the lawn and garden. Our mower had broken down and the lawn, after a week of rain, was so long that our puppy could get lost in it (and that’s not an exaggeration!). These boys spent 2 afternoons helping out. Yea for good friends!!
Day 223: The finished result: A mowed and trimmed lawn (I know, it needs raking, but I can’t find our rake) and a weed-free garden. 2 days ago, the garden boxes in the background couldn’t be seen from the house.

Project 365, Days 216-218

Day 216: Blizzard is such a silly little puppy πŸ™‚
Day 217: A sleepy looking girl with her wet puppy. It’s been so wet and muddy here that Blizzard is getting almost daily baths. If only he didn’t insist on running through the mud with the big dogs.
Day 218: Some of our church friends hosted an outdoor family movie night. The movie, Swiss Family Robinson, was shown on the side of one of their buildings. It was a lot of fun.