Project 365, Days 171-180

Day 171: Today was too nice of a day to stay inside, so we had class outside. I’m not sure how much actual learning took place, but we had a great time enjoying the warm sun.

Day 172: Little plants are also enjoying our nice weather. Soon, it will be time to transplant them into the garden.

Day 173: Some days at work just scream for something to drink when I get home. Today was one of those days.

Day 174: More signs of spring

Day 175: Time for new nails again. Something bright and cheerful this time

Day 176: Janelle went to prom with some of her friends. It’s hard to believe she’s a senior already. She’s grown up into a very beautiful young lady.

Day 177: Went for a walk with my husband today down a trail near our house. I am totally enjoying spring now that it is finally here.

Day 178: Two days after prom (and post-prom activities), Janelle is still a bit tired. She’s having a hard time staying awake in class.

Day 179: There is a virus going through the fish in the lake. If you look closely in this photo, you can see white things floating in the water. Those are dead fish, killed by the virus. Hopefully this will be over soon. Dead fish by the hundred do not smell good.

Day 180: Another sign of spring around here–lake flies. They are everywhere and if we’re not quick, get in the house every time we go in or out. Thankfully they only last a few days.

Project 365, Days 309-326

Day 309, Sept 25: Blizzard is our watch dog. I’m not sure what he’s watching for right now, but he’s been sitting there, watching for a long time.
Day 310: Our mystery fruit. A tree with this fruit started growing with our pear tree a couple of years ago. We have determined it is a quince. I don’t think we have the right growing season for it to actually ripen and I’m not sure what I’d do with them if they did ripen.
Day 311: Our apple crop this year. Time to make applesauce
Day 312: After months of practice, it’s finally time for the worship celebration. Lots of music and dance and praise and worship
Day 313: Worship celebration, day 2
Day 314: We’ve had several foggy mornings lately
Day 315: Greg and his amazing soccer skills
Day 316: Spider web in the early morning dew
Day 317: This soccer game didn’t end as well as we had hoped, but the trees that were changing color added some beautiful scenery
Day 318: Yet another sunset.
Day 319: Fall colors in Walgreens parking lot
Day 320: Cinnamon red hot applesauce from our apples
Day 321: Yep. More sunset. I promise not too many more. They’re just so beautiful, I have to take pictures
Day 322: These muddy footprints are evidence that Kaiser has made his way into my house again. As if an almost 200 pound dog isn’t enough evidence. There’s no way to hide that much dog.
Day 323: One more sunset. I promise. Last one for a while.
Day 324: Blizzard’s caught red-handed (or red-pawed). He grabbed a container from the table and carried it into the living room to devour it’s contents.
Day 325: We’re nearing the end of the soccer season. Only 2 games left.
Day 326: It’s ladybug season. They’re making their annual appearance in my dining room.

Project 365, Days 288-296

Day 288, Sept 4, 2013:  Somebody in my house likes to drink soda while in the shower.


Day 289: Greg got a new toy today–a very large organ. You should see the smile on his face while he plays.


Day 290: It’s Packers season again 🙂


Day 291: What happens when I drop a plastic measuring cup on my toe? Swollen, bruised toe.


Day 292: Opening day of football season. I guess the game isn’t exciting enough for Josh. I don’t understand. The Packers are always fun to watch, aren’t they?

Day 293: It’s almost time for the annual Worship Celebration at our church, so Janelle and the dance team are busy practicing.


Day 294: Greg’s first soccer gae of the season. It was 95 degrees.


Day 295: Today’s garden harvest



Day 296: Another soccer game, this time a bit cooler out, thankfully



Project 365, Days 279-287

Day 279, August 26, 2013: This is what happens when a bird gets into the greenhouse and can’t get back out. I don’t know how long the poor thing was flying into the plastic, but it did finally manage to get out.


Day 280: The pear harvest. This is the first year we’ve gotten pears from our trees. I will be canning pears this week


Day 281: Today’s creation from the garden harvest–pizza sauce


Day 282: This little moth made his way into my house overnight


Day 283: Sunset


Day 284: A new washing machine. After 5 weeks of going to the laundromat, I am so excited to do laundry at home again 🙂


Day 285: The pears are now ready for storing for the winter.


Day 286: I saw a mouse in the living room last night. And the worst part? My son says he’s known for about a week that there is a mouse. He’s seen it at night while he’s playing X-Box.


Day 287: This is what my counter looks like most days, although the exact combination of vegetables and fruit does vary a bit from day to day. I love my garden (and the chickens that are laying the eggs)




Project 365, Days 264-278

Day 264, August 11, 2013: Kaiser loves to sleep right in front of our door, sprawled out on his back.


Day 265: First day of VBS. Greg taught the Kindergartners

Day 266: Janelle was in the skits at VBS. On Tuesday, she needed a good bedhead look for her Princess character


Day 267: Wednesday brought a little sword fighting action to the VBS skits


Day 268: Greg with some of his class

Day 269: A happy ending to the week of skits.


Day 270, August 17, Month 9 complete: Fresh cantaloupe from my garden. Yum!!

Day 271: Almost 50 pounds of potatoes

Day 272: Homemade spaghetti sauce from our fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and peppers

Day 273: I think I’ve shared this before, but it cracks me up every time. Kaiser crawls into the cage that is meant to keep him away from all our boots.

Day 274: Bird nest. Every year barn swallows build a nest here.

Day 275: Fresh salsa, also with ingredients fresh from the garden

Day 276: Our pears are also starting to ripen

Day 277: Greg played Captain Von Trapp in a local production of Sound of Music. This is him with the girl who played Maria. They did a great job.

Day 278: Another garden picture. 22 pounds of watermelon.








Project 365, Days 257-263

Day 257, August 4, 2013: The tomatoes are ripening very quickly now. Yea!!


Day 258: Our dragon for the VBS skits. It needs to be painted yet, but it’s almost ready


Day 259: Greg’s chickens are all washed and ready for the fair


Day 260: Greg won Poultry Showmanship, again 🙂


Day 261: Janelle and Blizzard were almost unbeatable at the dog show. Blizzard was reserve grand champion.


Day 262: The finished dragon head.


Day 263: Princesses in pajamas. Final practice for the VBS skits


Project 365, Days 232-247

July 10


Day 232, July 10, 2013:  Lots of lettuce from the garden


July 11


Day 233: A group from our church went to Karitos, a worship arts conference in Chicago for 3 days. The girls had fun relaxing in the pool our first night there


July 12


Day 234: Before one of the workshops started, the girls showed off one of their dances for the instructors


July 13


Day 235: Our group danced in the talent showcase on Saturday


July 14


Day 236: The first peppers and broccoli from the garden


July 15


Day 237: VBS skit practice


July 16

Day 238: Besides being VBS season, it’s also 4-H season. We’re busy getting projects ready for the fair. Here, Janelle is working on one of her ceramics projects.


July 17


Day 239: Greg working on one of his vases in ceramics


July 18


Day 240: My project. None of my kids would do the Cheesehead Santa for me, so I decided to do it myself.


July 19


Day 241: One of the Facebook groups I’m part of has a “silly Saturday” challenge every week. This week’s challenge was to do a plank in a unique place or in a unique way.


July 20


Day 242: An afternoon of working in the yard, carrying branches, left an allergic reaction on my arm. It went away fairly quickly, though, so it wasn’t poison ivy


July 21


Day 243: Another rainy day. Things were just drying out nicely when about an inch and a half fell in our area.


July 22


Day 244: I didn’t take this one, but am including it anyway. My softball team


July 23


Day 245: One of Greg’s completed vases, ready for the fair


July 24


Day 246: My completed Cheesehead Santa


July 25


Day 247: After my daily workout–I nailed it today 🙂