Memorial Day Campout, May 24-27, 2019

We had our annual Memorial Day camp out with our church from May 24-27. The weather this year was almost perfect. There was rain and storms overnight the first night, but after that, warm and sunny. The only issue was that I forgot to stake down our screen tent and it blew over during the storms the first night. But, since nothing was in it at the time, nothing was damaged.

We took our bikes along this year and went for a ride around the camp ground. The views of Green Lake were beautiful.

Of course, the best part of any camping trip is spending time with friends and family. We always have a good time.

The weekend ends every year with a talent/no talent show and then a kick ball game with kids vs adults. It’s one of our favorite weekends every year.

Project 365, Days 181-190

Day 181: Hubby had a fund-raiser/auction for his work and we bought this chair and pillow. Since we live by the lake, it seems appropriate.

Day 182: Another purchase from yesterday’s fund raiser.

Day 183: Naughty puppy. I found her up here trying to get at a bowl that was left out

Day 184: Graduation Sunday at our church Every graduate got a quilt that was specially sewn by ladies in our church. The fabric of Janelle’s quilt includes patterns of music, violins, dance and travel

Day 185: Our last ever co-op class. We ended the year with a movie and pizza party

Day 186: You know what these bins mean? Camping season is almost here. It’s time to go through them all and make sure all the supplies are ready for this year,

Day 187: Trying to stay awake at work today while taking my online liquor license class. Almost 3 hours of staring at a computer screen,

Day 188: New nails for Memorial Day

Day 189: Our campsite at Green Lake

Day 190: We went to the Princeton Flea Market this morning. This guy was the highlight of the day. He would write a poem for you on any topic you chose. He typed it for you, while you waited, on his old-fashioned typewriter. You could pay him whatever you wanted.

Project 365, Days 21-25

Day 21:  The first snow of the year met me when I got off work tonight. Even though it looks like a lot of snow, it didn’t really amount to a whole lot.


Day 22: The Christmas tree went up today. I think it’s our best tree ever.


Day 23: More decorating, this time the mantel


Day 24: Fun in co-op class. These two have been friends for years.


Day 25: Nala is too small to get up on our bed, so I made her a little step so she can sleep on the bed with me.


Project 365, Days 6-10

Day 6: Thanksgiving Day. Our family dinner didn’t go quite as planned. Our turkey ended up ruined so we had ham. I finally got my turkey dinner at work later that night. One of the benefits of working at Walmart on Thanksgiving–free turkey dinner.

Day 7: After working the Black Friday rush, sometime after midnight, we get a bit silly at work. Or, maybe it’s just exhaustion. Hard to tell sometimes.

Day 8: This is her “I’m sorry face”. She got a hold of my glasses and chewed them. They are still wearable, but I will need to get new ones. How can I stay mad at that face?

Day 9: The things I find when my son is home. It seems he’s picked up a new habit.

Day 10: Watching TV with 2 dogs and my favorite Packer blanket–just what the doctor ordered when I’m not feeling well.

Project365, Days 41-50

Dec 28

Day 41, December 28: You have to watch Blizzard. He likes to steal your place. I think he believes he’s a person.

Dec 29

Day 42: The chalkboard wall in my daughter’s room gets lots of use. Lots of Doctor Who and Loki stuff on it right now.

Dec 30

Day 43: At this time of year, all the boots come in the house because it’s too cold in the garage. This tends to make a bit of a mess of the floor.

Dec 31


Day 44: A New Year’s Eve treat. Almond patties, also know as banket.

Jan 1

Day 45: Another Dutch treat for New Years–Oliebollen

Jan 2

Day 46: The youth group schedule says the topic for May 6 is “Die”. Maybe we want to miss that day 🙂

Jan 3

Day 47: Winter sunset

Jan 4

Day 48:  Getting ready for the Packer playoff game.

Jan 5

Day 49: Packer Party. Too bad they didn’t win. No more parties until September (at least not Packer Parties)

Jan 6

Day 50: The worst thing about this photo? The temp wasn’t even at it’s lowest yet. It went down a couple more degrees.


Project 365, Days 188-193

May 24


Day 188, May 24: One of Janelle’s rabbits is so calm, it will lie on it’s back while Janelle is practicing with it for 4-H showmanship.

May 25

Day 189: The potatoes are growing nicely in the garden. The problem is, so are the weeds. Time to get out there and get some weeding done,  if it stops raining long enough.


May 26


Day 190: Blizzard is pouting. His girl, Janelle, is spending the night at a friend’s house and he feels abandoned.

May 27

Day 191: Memorial Day nails


May 28

Day 192: Janelle is demonstrating how to do rabbit showmanship at a 4-H meeting.

May 29


Day 193: Another 4-H meeting. This one is dog obedience. It’s hard to get a decent picture. If I get too close, Blizzard gets distracted and doesn’t do what he’s supposed to.

Project 365, Days 126-134

March 23
Day 126,  March 23, 2013: A bunch of our little calves.
March 24
Day 127: I decided to bake brownies for my family. About an hour after they came out of the oven, this is all that was left. They were all gone soon after.
March 25
Day 128: Mustache on a cup 🙂
March 26
Day 129: Buddy relaxing on a nice day.
March 27
Day 130: Spring means lot of mud makes it’s way into my house. But, at least it’s finally warm enough for mud instead of ice
Day 131: Greg and Dy arm wrestling. Greg won
March 29
Day 132: The cake Janelle made for Easter. The tree stump is a 4-layer checkerboard cake, made with yellow, green and blue cake. The bunny, eggs and vines are fondant and the flowers are frosting. Yummy!!
March 30
Day 133: Easter deviled eggs
March 31
Day 134: Roland and Greg arm wrestling. Roland won. Greg has finally been beaten.