Project 365, Days 105-110

March 2.jpg

Day 105, March 2, 2014: I ask you, does this look like March? This winter has been all about snow and freezing, below-0 weather. I am ready for spring.

March 3.jpg

Day 106: It’s March and the temperature is -17.

March 4.jpg

Day 107: Roland passed his realtor’s exam!! Yea!!

March 5.jpg

Day 108: I love sunsets and taking photos of sunsets.

March 6.jpg

Day 109: Kaiser and Blizzard are best friends. I had just given Kaiser a bone to chew on when Blizzard went out to join him. If it had been our other dog, Buddy, that tried to join Kaiser, Kaiser would have growled and barked and protected his bone. With Blizzard, he shared.

March 7.jpg

Day 110: My pal Blizzard 🙂

Project 365, Days 51-62

Jan 7.jpg

Day 51, January 7: Blizzard got ahold of this ice cream bucket with a bit of leftover soup in it and carried it away to his favorite spot–under my bed.

Jan 8.jpg


Day 52:  I haven’t had a pic of Eric lately, so here’s one of him lounging around

Jan 9.jpg

Day 53: Yep. It’s still cold.

Jan 10.jpg


Day 54: The moon is rising

Jan 11.jpg


Day 55: Kaiser wants to come in. He always wants to come in.

Jan 12.jpg


Day 56: Blizzard is looking a little shaggy and dirty. I think it’s time for a haircut.

Jan 13.jpg

Day 57: Sunset

Jan 14.jpg


Day 58:  It’s not as cold, but now we’re having lots of snow.

Jan 15.jpg

Day 59: Still snowing

Jan 16.jpg

Day 60: I came home to find the piano opened up and Greg happily working on it. He’s trying to fix the broken keys and then he wants to tune it himself.

Jan 17.jpg

Day 61: Dinner tonight was seafood chowder. It was a hit with the family.

Jan 18.jpg

Day 62: What happens when I open a bag of candy that I intended to use in Spanish class? It all gets eaten long before Spanish class.

Project 365, Days 264-278

Day 264, August 11, 2013: Kaiser loves to sleep right in front of our door, sprawled out on his back.


Day 265: First day of VBS. Greg taught the Kindergartners

Day 266: Janelle was in the skits at VBS. On Tuesday, she needed a good bedhead look for her Princess character


Day 267: Wednesday brought a little sword fighting action to the VBS skits


Day 268: Greg with some of his class

Day 269: A happy ending to the week of skits.


Day 270, August 17, Month 9 complete: Fresh cantaloupe from my garden. Yum!!

Day 271: Almost 50 pounds of potatoes

Day 272: Homemade spaghetti sauce from our fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and peppers

Day 273: I think I’ve shared this before, but it cracks me up every time. Kaiser crawls into the cage that is meant to keep him away from all our boots.

Day 274: Bird nest. Every year barn swallows build a nest here.

Day 275: Fresh salsa, also with ingredients fresh from the garden

Day 276: Our pears are also starting to ripen

Day 277: Greg played Captain Von Trapp in a local production of Sound of Music. This is him with the girl who played Maria. They did a great job.

Day 278: Another garden picture. 22 pounds of watermelon.








Project 365, Days 194-200

June 1


Day 194, June 1: Kaiser, our big St Bernard, has figured out which bedroom window is mine. Now, if he thinks I need to get out of bed in the morning, he comes to my window, puts his paws up on the house and whines. He leaves dirty pawprints under the window.

June 2


Day 195: Storm front coming

June 3


Day 196: Janelle has been practicing with the dance team at church every Monday evening.

June 4


Day 197: Note to self: use a bigger bowl when making a double batch of this bread. It kinda overflowed overnight. I had a bit of a mess to clean up. But, it still tasted good.


June 5


Day 198: Dinner tonight was garlic baked shrimp and roasted broccoli. Very yummy 🙂

June 6


Day 199: I have no idea what was going through my son’s head. My husband wrote the word “plastic” on our memo board to remind him of something. My son added the rest late one night after I went to bed. Who can understand teenage boys?


June 7


Day 200: Eric hurt his foot playing rugby. Somebody stepped on it, leaving it swollen and very sore. The good news is it’s not broken at all. The bad news is that he won’t be able to play in his big tournament this weekend.




Project 365, Days 161-165

April 27
Day 161, April 27: The greenhouse is up and the boxes are moved in. Now, they just need to be filled with soil and then planted.
April 28
Day 162: Not a great photo, but this is our elusive cardinal. He’s always around, but never stays long enough to get a photo.
April 29
Day 163: Janelle at dance practice at church.
April 30
Day 164:  Goldfinches at the bird feeder.
May 1
Day 165: These two are my “helpers” while gardening. Blizzard is trying to get Kaiser up and running.

Project 365, Days 96-105

Feb 21
Day 96, February 21: A fresh loaf of bread. This recipe is so easy, just mix up the dough in the evening and bake in the morning in a cast iron dutch oven. Yum!
Feb 22
Day 97: Another delicious recipe: Thai sweet chili salmon
Feb 23
Day 98: Until the cows come home. They got out and wandered through the fields until Roland and Eric rounded them up again
Feb 24
Day 99: This is cow 1100. She doesn’t have a name, just her number. She always has to check out what’s going on in the parlor when she comes in. She’s nice to me, but she knows how to use those horns with other cows and is a bit of a bully
Feb 25
Day 100: Blizzard needs a haircut
Feb 26
Day 101: Blizzard after his hair cut. So nice a clean and white
Feb 27
Day 102: Another round of snow and wind meant Eric got his car stuck in the driveway
Feb 28
Day 103: Buddy hasn’t been feeling well, so I put a soft blanket outside for him to sleep on. The problem is that Kaiser has taken it over. He’s a bit too big for it, but still loves laying on it
March 1
Day 104: Janelle practicing piano
March 2
Day 105:  Blizzard was sleeping on the bed while Greg was looking for clothes in one of the laundry baskets. He dumped all the contents of the basket out on top of Blizzard, and Blizzard seemed to think it was comfortable and stayed there.

Project 365, Days 76-84

Feb 1
Day 76, February 1: I think it’s time for the boys to pick up their room just a bit
Feb 2
Day 77: Come on, gimme a kiss!
Feb 3
Day 78: The weather hasn’t been the best lately, but it’s allowed for a few nice nature shots. This was taken at sunrise
Feb 4
Day 79: Some of the art the kids did in art class today. We were using pastels today
Feb 5
Day 80: Frosty morning
Feb 6
Day 81: Another frosty morning (we’re having a lot of them)
Feb 7
Day 82: Another snow storm. This one only dumped about 5 inches on us
Feb 8
Day 83: Last one for a while, I promise
Feb 9
Day 84: Eric came home from rugby practice today with his foot all taped up and needing these to walk. Not sure yet if it’s a sprain or a fracture. I’m hoping for sprain.