Menu Plan Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday:  Lunch–leftovers
Dinner–Pork stir fry

Tuesday:  Lunch–Chicken tortellini soup
Dinner–Cantonese meatballs

Wednesday:  Lunch–Cheeseburgers
Dinner–Crock pot beef roast

Thursday:  Lunch–Pizza
Dinner–Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

Friday:  Lunch–Chicken nuggets
Dinner–Ham loaf

Saturday:  Lunch–Corn dogs

Sunday:  Lunch–Spaghetti

Menu Plan Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday: Lunch–pizza
Dinner–Thai sweet chili salmon

Tuesday: Lunch–Burgers

Wednesday: Lunch–Macaroni and cheese

Thursday: Lunch–Breakfast
Dinner–Pork chops

Friday: Lunch–Pulled Pork sandwiches
Dinner–Homemade pizza

Saturday: Lunch–Corn dogs
Dinner–Baked potato soup

Sunday: Lunch–Walking tacos

Menu Plan Monday, February 18

Monday: Lunch–Leftovers
Dinner–Beef Stew

Tuesday: Lunch–Sloppy Joes
Dinner–Pork chops

Wednesday: Lunch–Hot dogs
Dinner–Beef/pork roast (crock pot)

Thursday: Lunch–Pizza

Friday:  Lunch–Chicken noodle soup

Saturday: Lunch–Chicken nuggets


Menu Plan Monday–February 11

Monday: Dinner–beef stir fry

Tuesday: Lunch–OohYeahs (a sandwich my son named when he was young)
Dinner–Chicken Cacciatore

Wednesday: Lunch–Brats
Dinner–Kielbasa & Rice

Thursday: Lunch–Breakfast
Dinner–Vegetable soup

Friday: Lunch–Pizza

Saturday: Lunch–Ham & Cheese sandwiches

Menu Plan Monday–Feb 4, 2013

Monday: Lunch–leftover pulled pork sandwiches
Dinner–roast in the crock pot

Tuesday: Lunch–Corn Dogs

Wednesday: Lunch–Cheese soup
Dinner–Italian Chicken

Thursday: Lunch–Breakfast

Friday: Lunch–Vegetable Beef soup

Saturday: Lunch–Sub sandwiches
Dinner–Beef stir fry

Sunday: Lunch–homemade pizza

Menu Plan Monday (almost)

It’s Sunday, I know. But, since I’m busy tomorrow,  I’m doing my menu plan tonight instead of tomorrow.

Monday: Lunch–sandwiches

Tuesday: Lunch–Sloppy Joes
Dinner–Orange chicken

Wednesday: Lunch–Grilled ham and cheese
Dinner–Beef tips

Thursday: Lunch–Pancakes

Friday: Lunch–Cheese soup
Dinner–Chicken Marsala

Saturday: Lunch–Pizza
Dinner–Pork chops

Menu Plan Monday

I know it’s Tuesday. I had all my menus planned by yesterday, but I didn’t get on to post until today. Actually, I’m trying something new. I planned 3 weeks of menus and did all the shopping for those 3 weeks.  I’m hoping to reduce the number of trips I make to the store in hopes that it will save me some money.

Monday: Lunch: Brats (leftover from last night’s bonfire)
Dinner: Cheeseburgers

Tuesday: Lunch: Taquitos
Dinner: Slow Cooker Sweet and Tangy Chicken

Wednesday: Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Meatloaf

Thursday: Lunch: Sloppy joes
Dinner: Leftovers

Friday: Lunch: Chicken nuggets
Dinner: Breakfast (eggs, french toast)

Saturday: Lunch: Corn dogs
Dinner: Chicken fried chicken