Project 365, Days 81-100

Day 81: It was raining and freezing all night while I was at work so I came out to my car being encased in a layer of ice.

Day 82: We have a stockman who doesn’t seem to quite understand the concept of neat rows of carts, all facing the same way. They are frequently just shoved where ever and in any direction

Day 83: An enjoyable couple of days in the Dells for my husband’s work. We went to Moosejaw for supper and this was our dessert. It’s called Sasquatch

Day 84: Indoor/outdoor hot tub at the Kalahari

Day 85: She really doesn’t enjoy eating salads, but she’s trying

Day 86: This is my new toy. I need a real camera at times, especially when on vacation

Day 87: How am I supposed to eat healthy when coworkers buy stuff like this?

Day 88: These two puppers love the snow.

Day 89: Valentine’s Day roses

Day 90: Three of us went out to push carts in the slushy, wet lot. We all had to buy proper footwear for it and all ended up with the exact same boots

Day 91: More Valentine’s Day treats

Day 92: My favorite way to spend an afternoon, Curled up with my puppers

Day 93: I am getting rid of all my “fat” clothes. I never want to see these sizes again

Day 94: Sleepy pupper

Day 95: New clothes in smaller sizes than 2 months ago

Day 96: Gabe has been trying to teach Janelle how to cook

Day 97: Our neighbors are having a tree cut down, so this truck is in our backyard. The dogs won’t quit barking at it

Day 98: Janelle’s car died so I jumped it. I have never jumped a car before. Janelle googled how to do it and we figured it out

Day 99: New nails

Day 100: Me in my new, smaller sized clothes

Project 365, Days 51-60

I am so far behind in posting these. How does time slip away so easily?

Day 51: That’s a normal face for my little Nala. She loves playing in her water dish and her face is always wet because of it.

Day 52: This is what the floor looks like every day because Nala loves to play in her water.

Day 53: She’s trying so hard to be patient and wait for whatever treat might be coming her way.

Day 54: Tried this candy bar today at work. Was not impressed. Give me chocolate any day

Day 55: Nala has the annoying habit of scratching at Janelle’s door whenever she feels like playing with somebody, even if it’s 2:00 am. Janelle came up with this solution tonight to prevent her sleep from getting interrupted. I think I will buy a baby/puppy gate for her.

Day 56: It is so cold here right now. With the doors in the front of the store constantly opening all day, it is cold in the store. I have resorted to putting hand warmers in my pockets to help keep warm.

Day 57: Sleepy puppy

Day 58: Dinner out today with Roland and Janelle.

Day 59: Sitting in the parking lot after work. Waiting for a ride because my battery is dead.

Day 60: She just had a bath and a haircut. She’s looking much smaller and fluffier.


Project 365–starting over again

Day 1, November 18, 2017: The day I turned 50. This is part of the decorations my daughter did for the party.


Day 2:  One of the many gifts I received yesterday


Day 3: My sister came all the way from Florida for my birthday. She and I are both Packer fans so she had a friend of hers make this for me.


Day 4: We have a new puppy in the house, a 3 month old miniature poodle named Nala. She loves to make messes like this.


Day 5: This is Nala. The soda bottle is there for a size comparison. Last month she was the same size as the bottle.


Project 365, Days 327-360

Day 327, October 13, 2013: Another beautiful sunset out here on the farm.
Day 328: Our car broke down on the way to church yesterday. Roland is trying to diagnose the problem and get it up and running again.
Day 329: I found a new bread recipe. 2 loaves of bread from start to finish in about an hour. I love it!
Day 330: My little helper
Day 331, October 17, 11 months done: Blizzard is a sneaky little dog sometimes. He’ll do anything to get our plates and bowls after we finish eating.
Day 332: Fall colors outside my bedroom window.
Day 333:  Greg’s soccer team finished second in an all day tournament on a cold Saturday. Greg liked to keep his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. I don’t know how he ran like that, but he managed.
Day 334: A foggy drive to church
Day 335: Greg’s last soccer game of his high school career.
Day 336:  The carrot crop from my garden. Everything is now harvested.
Day 337: Yummy fresh carrots. Greg did all the work cleaning them and cutting them up
Day 338: What to do with all those carrots? Freeze them for winter eating.
Day 339: Happy birthday to my 14 year old 🙂
Day 340: The Waupun Area Homeschool Soccer team
Day 341: Tonight’s dinner–Island grilled chicken with fresh carrots and watermelon
Day 342: Janelle decided to have some color added to her hair. The first step was to bleach her brown hair.
Day 343: OK, this one was taken the same day as yesterday’s photo. After the bleach, red was the color of choice.
Day 344: The finished product
Day 345: Dinner today was chorizo pepper shrimp
Day 346: I know Kaiser wants to come in, but does he really have to mess up the patio door in his efforts to enter?
Day 347: One of Janelle’s English Angora rabbits. We had to groom them–brush, cut nails, shave them. Angoras are a lot of work.
Day 348: Another Angora. This one is a boy.
Day 349: Josh fell asleep during the Packer game. I don’t know how he can do that, but he did.
Day 350: The red in Janelle’s hair faded very fast, so we decided to switch to blue.
Day 351: Roland’s real estate course arrived. Let the studying begin.
Day 352: I had to have part of my toenail removed because of an ingrown toenail. It didn’t hurt at all, until the stuff the Dr injected wore off. Advil has become my friend.
Day 353: There seems to be a little bit of rust in our water. Time to scrub the tub again.
Day 354: I went to McDonalds with 7 teenage girls while waiting for the movie Thor to start. They are an interesting group.
Day 355: Yep. Another sunset. I really like sunsets.
Day 356: November 11, first snow. It wasn’t much, but it was there. Yuck.
Day 357: Today was the perfect day for a big pot of chili
Day 358: Usually the dogs are to blame for mud on the floor. Today, it’s one of the guys. At least the guilty party cleaned it up.
Day 359: The car that Roland worked to repair totally died, so we decided it was time to invest in a new vehicle. It’s a 2004 Buick Rendevous and I love it.
Day 360: Happy 19th birthday, Eric

Project 365, Days 329-350

Oct 13.jpg
Day 329, October 13: Today, there were hundreds of birds in our trees in the front of the house.
Oct 14.jpg
Day 330: My weight loss goal is getting closer
Oct 15.jpg
Day 331: Biology class. Today we’re experimenting on the effects of cold on muscles
Oct 16.jpg
Day 332: Another game with Eric as goalie
Oct 17.jpg
Day 333, Oct 17, 11 months done: My newest workout DVDs
Oct 18.jpg
Day 334: Today’s soccer game was very cold and wet. It rained most of the game. This was my view of the field from under my umbrella.
Oct 19.jpg
Day 335: Beautiful fall colors
Oct 21.jpg
Day 336: The colors were better in person than in the photo, but this street is lined with beautiful fall colored trees
Oct 22.jpg
Day 337: Showing off leaf collections in Biology class
Oct 23.jpg
Day 338: We’re at the end of the soccer season. This was a cold, foggy game. By the end of the game, it was hard to tell the red team from the orange team.
Oct 20.jpg
Day 339: Our last photo of Jet. We gave him to a new family today because he is starting to wander too much and the hunters across the road aren’t appreciating all his visits to their hunting grounds.
Oct 24.jpg
Day 340: It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Janelle braided Blizzard’s tail
Oct 25.jpg
Day 341: This year we had an abundance of boxelder bugs crawling all over the house
Oct 26.jpg
Day 342: Greg’s new chicken
Oct 27.jpg
Day 343: We got together at Grandma’s house and had birthday cake for both birthday “girls”
Oct 28.jpg
Day 344: Kaiser wants to come in the house, or at least get a treat
Oct 29.jpg
Day 345: The freestall barn
Oct 30.jpg
Day 346: This arrived on a big truck today. What’s it going to be? Stay tuned to find out
Oct 31.jpg
Day 347: Blizzard dressed up as a cow for Halloween this year. (Like he had a choice)
Nov 1.jpg
Day 348: Greg’s part in the homeschool play is the role of a Danish fisherman. He doesn’t look Danish, so the director asked if he’d be willing to color his hair for the part. It took 4 applications of bleach, one of a blonde dye and 2 days to get the desired results.
Nov 2.jpg
Day 349: Now Buddy wants to come in
Nov 3.jpg
Day 350: Greg’s new look

Project 365, Days 176-182

May 13.jpg
Day 176, May 13, 2012: Greg’s youth group spent the evening at our house on Mother’s Day. They played a game of capture the flag and we had a bonfire. It was a lot of  fun for everybody
May 14.jpg
Day 177: Today’s baking task: Cheesy cornbread mufifns
May 15.jpg
Day 178: Two of Janelle’s rabbits had babies today. This is one batch–5 little black bunnies. The other rabbit only had 1 baby.
May 16.jpg
Day 179:  Kaiser wants to come in the house. He has figured out how to open the screen door, so on days like today, when we have the inside door open, we need to lock the screen to keep Kaiser out
May 17.jpg
Day 180, May 17, 6 months done: Jet, Kaiser and Blizzard have lots of fun playing together
May 18.jpg
Day 181: At his last rugby practice of the season Eric won this award “Back of the Year”. Of all the players who play one of the back positions, Eric was honored with this award.
May 19.jpg
Day 182: Both Greg and Janelle had a recital today. Greg played piano and Janelle the violin. They’ve been taking lessons about a year.

Project 365, Days 87-93

Feb 12.jpg
Day 87, Feb 12: It was warm out, so Blizzard when Blizzard went outside, he found mud to play in. Now, he wants to come back in the house.
Feb 13.jpg
Day 88: All these clothes no longer fit. I’ve lost enough weight that it’s time to get a new wardrobe. Yea!!

Feb 14.jpg
Day 89: My Valentine’s flowers from my Valentine
Feb 15.jpg
Day 90: Kaiser wants to come in the house. He loves to sneak in, but I don’t love the mess his big paws make all over my floors.
Feb 16.jpg
Day 91: One of the drawbacks to dogs and mud–they need frequent baths, which means lots of bathtubs to clean
Feb 17.jpg
Day 92, Feb 17, 3 months done: Greg took me out for Chinese. This was the fortune in my cookie. I think they might need a new fortune writer 🙂
Feb 18.jpg
Day 93: It’s hard to see in this photo, but this is my “to do” list for today. I got everything done. That doesn’t happen very often.