Project 365, Days 214-220

June 21


Day 214, June 21: These little things are tomatoes. They’re still about the size of grapes, but they are growing. The plants are full of flowers, so I’m hopeful for a good crop.

June 22


Day 215: Buddy has been trying to get at the baby bunnies. He failed at digging in and going through the front of the hutch, so he’s now trying to get through the roof. Naughty dog!

June 23


Day 216: More dark sky is coming, which means more rain.  We don’t need more rain.

June 24


Day 217: Our apple tree is full of little apples.

June 25


Day 218: More baby bunnies. There are 6 of them this time.

June 26


Day 219: We also have baby kittens. I haven’t been able to get a picture of just the babies. The only time they’re holding still is when Mama is feeding them.

June 27


Day 220: VBS skit practice. Only 6 more practices until showtime 🙂

Project 365, Days 224-233

June 30.jpg
Day 224, June 30:  Sunset over Lake Winnebago
July 1.jpg
Day 225:  Janelle and her friends having fun in a paddle boat at a family youth group event.
July 2.jpg
Day 226: This little girl needed a place with some shade, so she ended up in our back yard for a few days.

July 3.jpg
Day 227: Red, white and blue cake for the 4th of July
July 4.jpg
Day 228: We spent the 4th of July with friends from church, trying to keep cool by the lake. Boating, tubing, food and fireworks provided a fun time.
July 5.jpg
Day 229: This is Hershey. He’s an Angora rabbit that just went through a major molting phase. The bad news is he’s bald. The good news is he’s staying cooler than all the other rabbits on these days when it’s over 100 degrees.
July 6.jpg
Day 230: Fresh lettuce from the garden. I won’t be getting much lettuce this time. The extreme heat has affected the growth of several of my vegetables. But, I plan on enjoying whatever I do get.
July 7.jpg
Day 231: And, today I picked some peas. The peas are doing very well and I should get quite a few of them.
July 8.jpg
Day 232: 5 pounds of fresh blueberries
July 9.jpg
Day 233: And a whole lot of peaches. I can’t wait until these are ripe.

Project 365, Days 191-194

May 28.jpg
Day 191, May 28, 2012: I got stuck waiting in traffic in Oshkosh on Memorial Day. Of course, as soon as I hauled out the camera to get pictures, everybody started moving again. A minute before this picture, it was solid campers and RVs heading south after the holiday weekend.
May 29.jpg
Day 192: Another one of the baby bunnies. This little guy doesn’t like to come out of it’s warm nest
May 30.jpg
Day 193: No, not our cows. But, I thought they looked nice and peaceful grazing in the field.
May 31.jpg
Day 194: Janelle and Blizzard at a dog obedience 4-H meeting. Blizzard didn’t do too good today, but he’ll do better next time.

Project 365, Days 187-190

May 24.jpg
Day 187, May 24, 2012: The baby bunnies are getting bigger. They have fur and their eyes are open. Soon they’ll be hopping all over the cage.
May 25.jpg
Day 188: Our annual 4-H brat fry was this weekend. I was in charge this year, which meant we spent a lot of time at the Brat Stop. Greg liked to sample the sauerkraut.
May 26.jpg
Day 189: Day 2 of the brat fry. Greg and Jack helped get business by walking up and down the streets wearing these cream puff signs.
May 27.jpg
Day 190: Blizzard, waiting patiently for his girl to come home.

Project 365, Days 176-182

May 13.jpg
Day 176, May 13, 2012: Greg’s youth group spent the evening at our house on Mother’s Day. They played a game of capture the flag and we had a bonfire. It was a lot of  fun for everybody
May 14.jpg
Day 177: Today’s baking task: Cheesy cornbread mufifns
May 15.jpg
Day 178: Two of Janelle’s rabbits had babies today. This is one batch–5 little black bunnies. The other rabbit only had 1 baby.
May 16.jpg
Day 179:  Kaiser wants to come in the house. He has figured out how to open the screen door, so on days like today, when we have the inside door open, we need to lock the screen to keep Kaiser out
May 17.jpg
Day 180, May 17, 6 months done: Jet, Kaiser and Blizzard have lots of fun playing together
May 18.jpg
Day 181: At his last rugby practice of the season Eric won this award “Back of the Year”. Of all the players who play one of the back positions, Eric was honored with this award.
May 19.jpg
Day 182: Both Greg and Janelle had a recital today. Greg played piano and Janelle the violin. They’ve been taking lessons about a year.

Project 365, Days 168-175

May 5.jpg
Day 168, May 5, 2012: Eric cooking brats at the soccer team’s brat fry
May 6.jpg
Day 169: This is what rugby shoes look like after a very muddy game. They were worse, but I cleaned them up a bit  before I thought about taking a picture.
May 7.jpg
Day 170: One of Janelle’s Angora rabbits
May 8.jpg
Day 171: This is what Janelle needs to do to reach one of her rabbits. Thankfully the rabbit isn’t always this difficult to get at. She was being difficult today.
May 9.jpg
Day 172: Dusty and her babies. The babies are about 3 weeks old now and we’ve opened up the cage so they can come out into the fenced in area in the front. Yesterday, the whole fenced in area was full of grass. Today, the grass is gone.
May 10.jpg
Day 173: Looking at the piles of clothes on my bed, you’d think I never did laundry. However, I do laundry at least every other day. Really, I do.
May 11.jpg
Day 174: Kaiser gets a bath
May 12.jpg
Day 175: My Mother’s Day present to myself–new weights to go with my new workout DVDs. Stay tuned for updates on how they’re working out 🙂

Project 365, Days 158-167

April 25.jpg
Day 158, April 25: A pair of shoes that I never thought I’d buy for myself–running shoes. I’ve started doing Couch-to-5K, a beginning running program designed to take somebody from couch potato to running a 5K in 9 weeks. It’ll probably take longer than 9 weeks to get me running a 5K, but I’ve at least started.
April 26.jpg
Day 159: Another pair of shoes I never thought I’d buy for myself–softball cleats. I’ve joined the church softball team.
April 27.jpg
Day 160: Eric won this award last week for being “Man of the Match” in his rugby game.
April 28.jpg
Day 161: Janelle’s baby bunnies are getting bigger and cuter every day. They’re 2 weeks old now.
April 29.jpg
Day 162: Fresh baked Blueberry bread and apple bread.
April 30.jpg
Day 163: I’ve joined with a friend to do 5 weeks to a clean and organized house. I originally did this a couple of years ago through and had great results. This week, we’re cleaning the kitchen. One of today’s tasks was to clean the refrigerator. It’s looking pretty good now.
May 1.jpg
Day 164: A “before” shot of my kitchen counter. I know it looks really bad. In my defense, let me say that this was taken right after doing a bunch of cooking and baking and before I loaded the dishwasher. 🙂
May 2.jpg
Day 165: Eric playing rugby
May 3.jpg
Day 166: Janelle and Blizzard at the 4-H dog obedience meeting. Blizzard is doing very well and seems to love the agility exercises–jumping over a hurdle, walking on the teeter-totter and going through a tunnel.
May 4.jpg
Day 167: My kitchen after the counters have been cleaned. It’s looking much better. Only one day left of cleaning the kitchen and it’s on to the living room.

Project 365, Days 143-157

April 9.jpg
Day 143, April 9, 2012: Our barn is going to be getting a new roof. The work started today.
April 10.jpg
Day 144: My  bread isn’t as fancy as Greg’s, but it still tastes good.
April 11.jpg
Day 145: Kaiser (and the other dogs, too) went with my on my run tonight. He was one pooped puppy when we were done.
April 12.jpg
Day 146: The new roof is done
April 13.jpg
Day 147: These naughty heifers got out of their fenced in area.
April 15.jpg
Day 148: The nice weather means I can do some geo-caching. This is the view as I’m approaching the area where the cache is hidden.
April 16.jpg
Day 149: An approaching storm
April 17.jpg
Day 150, April 17, 5 months done: In this nest of fur and straw are 6 baby bunnies. Soon, they will be hopping all over the cage.
April 18.jpg
Day 151: We also have 5 baby kittens in the barn. They are from 2 different mothers, but they are always all together and the mothers don’t seem to care whose they are. Both mothers feed all 5 kittens.
April 19.jpg
Day 152: One of the baby kittens
April 20.jpg
Day 153: Another of the babies
April 21.jpg
Day 154: The Hometown Harmony Tradition. Greg’s barbershop group giving their annual Spring concert in Sheboygan.
April 22.jpg
Day 155: One of the baby bunnies. The eyes will be open soon then they’ll start to look a lot cuter.
April 23.jpg
Day 156: My garden needs a little bit of work and now that the weather is nice, I will be working in it a lot
April 24.jpg
Day 157: Since the garden needs so much work, Kaiser decided to help with some of the digging. I think I am going to need a fence around the garden to keep him out. He loves to dig.

Project 365, Days 115-127

March 12.jpg
Day 115, March 12: This is what my laptop screen now looks like. Somehow it was closed while the mouse was on the keyboard and now the screen is all cracked. At least I can access everything by hooking it up to our desktop computer.
March 13.jpg
Day 116: I was in another swap on the Homeschool Lounge. This was an apron swap and this is the apron I got from my partner.
March 14.jpg
Day 117: Spring housecleaning project #1: The Laundry room. It could also be called the junk room since it accumulates almost everything we have no other place for.
March 15.jpg
Day 118: The countdown to opening night has begun. 15 days and counting
March 16.jpg
Day 119: We found another use for some of our chicken cages. We now have 1 in the garage to keep all our barn boots in. This was, Kaiser can’t get at them to use them as chew toys.
March 17.jpg
Day 120, March 17, end of month #4: Greg got a few new chickens today. This one is a Russian Orloff. I call him Boris.
March 18.jpg
Day 121: Janelle’s new buuny, a Dutch named KitKat
March 19.jpg
Day 122: Yes, that is green grass growing and it’s only mid-March. The weather has been beautiful this week!
March 20.jpg
Day 123: Still counting down to opening night: 10 day to go
March 21.jpg
Day 124: Look at that temperature, and it’s only March 21.
March 22.jpg
Day 125: Blizzard is being a little bit naughty!
March 23.jpg
Day 126: This is what happens when a 17-year-old boy has 2 hours of rugby practice in the rain and mud–a dirty tub. It was a lot dirtier than this photo makes it look.
March 24.jpg
Day 127: 7 hours of practice today for Nunsense Jamboree. The set is looking great.

Our annual chicken and rabbit buying trip

Today was the Small Animal Swap in Fond du Lac. It’s an annual event for us to find animals for 4-H projects. Greg, Janelle and I get up early to arrive at the fairgrounds by 7:00 (OK, a little bit later than that today). The expo building at the fairgrounds is full of people with small animals to sell. There are mainly many types of birds and rabbits, but you can also find dogs, goats and more. Quite often, it’s an all-morning excursion for us. This year, Greg and Janelle had an idea of what they were looking for before we even left home. Boy, that made the trip easier. We were in and out in less than 90 minutes today. Here’s what we bought today:

These 3 birds are all Appenzellar Spitzhaubens, one of Greg’s favorite breeds. He bought 2 hens and a rooster.
These 2 are Bantam Modern game birds. They are full grown, even though the hen (on the left) is not much bigger than a pigeon.
And this pair are Ameraucanas. The hens lay colored eggs–green and blue. They are sometimes called “Easter Egg chickens”
This is the breed that Janelle has been looking for. She was so happy to find them today. They are English Angoras.
Silver Fox.jpg
This big girl is a Silver Fox. She’s blue in color, which is more rare than black. Janelle really wants to raise blues, so finding a doe was great. She already has a blue buck, so now we’re ready for some serious breeding.
Of course, adding new animals meant lots of work getting housing ready for them. Thanks to Greg’s barbershop friend, Tony, we were well stocked with cages for his birds.
We’re using the blue barrels as shelter for the birds at night and in rain/snow. The cages have enough room in them so the birds can fly and have perches built in.
Next week is one more swap and one more chance to find more birds. You can never have too many birds, right?