Project 365, Days 105-110

March 2.jpg

Day 105, March 2, 2014: I ask you, does this look like March? This winter has been all about snow and freezing, below-0 weather. I am ready for spring.

March 3.jpg

Day 106: It’s March and the temperature is -17.

March 4.jpg

Day 107: Roland passed his realtor’s exam!! Yea!!

March 5.jpg

Day 108: I love sunsets and taking photos of sunsets.

March 6.jpg

Day 109: Kaiser and Blizzard are best friends. I had just given Kaiser a bone to chew on when Blizzard went out to join him. If it had been our other dog, Buddy, that tried to join Kaiser, Kaiser would have growled and barked and protected his bone. With Blizzard, he shared.

March 7.jpg

Day 110: My pal Blizzard 🙂

Project 365, Days 10-22

Nov 27.jpg
Day 10, November 27, 2012: Little Blizzard is begging for a snack. I have a bowl of popcorn on the couch–one of his favorite snacks
Nov 28.jpg
Day 11: Janelle is finally getting her birthday present–we’re repainting her room. Her walls are going from pastel pink and purple to Caribbean Blue.
Nov 29.jpg
Day 12: Janelle is dancing in our Christmas cantata at church. She and the other dancers have been practicing hard to get ready
Nov 30.jpg
Day 13: The walls are done. One wall was painted with chalkboard paint, the other 3 are blue. The ceiling looks pink in this picture, but it’s really white.
Dec 1.jpg
Day 14: We had to ring the Salvation Army bell for 4-H. Instead of just ringing the bell for the whole time, Janelle and her friend Brooke danced to Christmas music. It was a fun way to spend the time.
Dec 2.jpg
Day 15: Working with clay in art class
Dec 3.jpg
Day 16: Dissecting snakes in biology. This one creeped me out a bit, but the kids had fun. This snake had 35 eggs/baby snakes inside.
Dec 4.jpg
Day 17: Packer yarn!! I have no clue what I’m going to make with it yet, but I had to buy it 🙂
Dec 5.jpg
Day 18: For Roland’s upcoming birthday party, I bought a chocolate fountain. Yum!
Dec 6.jpg
Day 19: So we wouldn’t ruin the surprise, we went to a friend’s house to decorate the cake for Roland’s party.
Dec 7.jpg
Day 20: The completed cakes: A juke box and 2 records
Dec 8.jpg
Day 21: After nearly 10 months of planning, the party went off without a hitch. Roland had no clue what was coming and was totally surprised. We had a great evening with friends and family
Dec 9.jpg
Day 22: First snow of the season

Project 365, Days 283-288

Day 283, Aug 29: Dance practice at church. Janelle is part of a group of girls that are participating in a worship celebration at our church in about 2 weeks. It will include music, drama and dance. The girls have been practicing all summer

Day 284: This is what happens when you sleep a bit too long in the morning. Warning: wake up on time or find your picture on my blog 🙂
Day 285: Greg is having some fun on the swing
Day 286: Another practice for the worship celebration.
Day 287: Playing volleyball
Day 288: Janelle and I had a “girls day”. It included shopping and mini-golf and a lot of fun 🙂