Project 365, Days 327-360

Day 327, October 13, 2013: Another beautiful sunset out here on the farm.
Day 328: Our car broke down on the way to church yesterday. Roland is trying to diagnose the problem and get it up and running again.
Day 329: I found a new bread recipe. 2 loaves of bread from start to finish in about an hour. I love it!
Day 330: My little helper
Day 331, October 17, 11 months done: Blizzard is a sneaky little dog sometimes. He’ll do anything to get our plates and bowls after we finish eating.
Day 332: Fall colors outside my bedroom window.
Day 333:  Greg’s soccer team finished second in an all day tournament on a cold Saturday. Greg liked to keep his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. I don’t know how he ran like that, but he managed.
Day 334: A foggy drive to church
Day 335: Greg’s last soccer game of his high school career.
Day 336:  The carrot crop from my garden. Everything is now harvested.
Day 337: Yummy fresh carrots. Greg did all the work cleaning them and cutting them up
Day 338: What to do with all those carrots? Freeze them for winter eating.
Day 339: Happy birthday to my 14 year old 🙂
Day 340: The Waupun Area Homeschool Soccer team
Day 341: Tonight’s dinner–Island grilled chicken with fresh carrots and watermelon
Day 342: Janelle decided to have some color added to her hair. The first step was to bleach her brown hair.
Day 343: OK, this one was taken the same day as yesterday’s photo. After the bleach, red was the color of choice.
Day 344: The finished product
Day 345: Dinner today was chorizo pepper shrimp
Day 346: I know Kaiser wants to come in, but does he really have to mess up the patio door in his efforts to enter?
Day 347: One of Janelle’s English Angora rabbits. We had to groom them–brush, cut nails, shave them. Angoras are a lot of work.
Day 348: Another Angora. This one is a boy.
Day 349: Josh fell asleep during the Packer game. I don’t know how he can do that, but he did.
Day 350: The red in Janelle’s hair faded very fast, so we decided to switch to blue.
Day 351: Roland’s real estate course arrived. Let the studying begin.
Day 352: I had to have part of my toenail removed because of an ingrown toenail. It didn’t hurt at all, until the stuff the Dr injected wore off. Advil has become my friend.
Day 353: There seems to be a little bit of rust in our water. Time to scrub the tub again.
Day 354: I went to McDonalds with 7 teenage girls while waiting for the movie Thor to start. They are an interesting group.
Day 355: Yep. Another sunset. I really like sunsets.
Day 356: November 11, first snow. It wasn’t much, but it was there. Yuck.
Day 357: Today was the perfect day for a big pot of chili
Day 358: Usually the dogs are to blame for mud on the floor. Today, it’s one of the guys. At least the guilty party cleaned it up.
Day 359: The car that Roland worked to repair totally died, so we decided it was time to invest in a new vehicle. It’s a 2004 Buick Rendevous and I love it.
Day 360: Happy 19th birthday, Eric

Project 365, Days 309-326

Day 309, Sept 25: Blizzard is our watch dog. I’m not sure what he’s watching for right now, but he’s been sitting there, watching for a long time.
Day 310: Our mystery fruit. A tree with this fruit started growing with our pear tree a couple of years ago. We have determined it is a quince. I don’t think we have the right growing season for it to actually ripen and I’m not sure what I’d do with them if they did ripen.
Day 311: Our apple crop this year. Time to make applesauce
Day 312: After months of practice, it’s finally time for the worship celebration. Lots of music and dance and praise and worship
Day 313: Worship celebration, day 2
Day 314: We’ve had several foggy mornings lately
Day 315: Greg and his amazing soccer skills
Day 316: Spider web in the early morning dew
Day 317: This soccer game didn’t end as well as we had hoped, but the trees that were changing color added some beautiful scenery
Day 318: Yet another sunset.
Day 319: Fall colors in Walgreens parking lot
Day 320: Cinnamon red hot applesauce from our apples
Day 321: Yep. More sunset. I promise not too many more. They’re just so beautiful, I have to take pictures
Day 322: These muddy footprints are evidence that Kaiser has made his way into my house again. As if an almost 200 pound dog isn’t enough evidence. There’s no way to hide that much dog.
Day 323: One more sunset. I promise. Last one for a while.
Day 324: Blizzard’s caught red-handed (or red-pawed). He grabbed a container from the table and carried it into the living room to devour it’s contents.
Day 325: We’re nearing the end of the soccer season. Only 2 games left.
Day 326: It’s ladybug season. They’re making their annual appearance in my dining room.

Project 365, Days 297-308

Day 297, Sept 13, 2013: Lesson for the day: Do not wear black when giving a white dog a hair cut.
Day 298: All this hair from one very small dog. The haircut was way overdue
Day 299:  Sunset (yes, I love sunsets)
Day 300: I am embarrassed to post this picture. My sons’ room. Time for Mom to get in there and get it looking halfway decent.
Day 301, Sept 17; 10 months done: Under all the clothes, etc, in the boys room is this–sunflower seeds, popcorn and who knows what else.
Day 302: What happens when all that crud is on the floor? Mice find it. We’ve seen a mouse. Here’s more proof of it’s existence. Now, if we could only catch the little guy.
Day 303: Another chance for Greg to show off his soccer skills.
Day 304: There’s a storm coming.
Day 305: Discarded CDs from the boys room.  They have way too much stuff in that room
Day 306: We moved Greg’s organ a bit so that it isn’t quite as much in the way.
Day 307: Practicing for the Worship Celebration
Day 308:  Yet another soccer game. The team is playing really good this year and winning most of their games.

Project 365, Days 288-296

Day 288, Sept 4, 2013:  Somebody in my house likes to drink soda while in the shower.


Day 289: Greg got a new toy today–a very large organ. You should see the smile on his face while he plays.


Day 290: It’s Packers season again 🙂


Day 291: What happens when I drop a plastic measuring cup on my toe? Swollen, bruised toe.


Day 292: Opening day of football season. I guess the game isn’t exciting enough for Josh. I don’t understand. The Packers are always fun to watch, aren’t they?

Day 293: It’s almost time for the annual Worship Celebration at our church, so Janelle and the dance team are busy practicing.


Day 294: Greg’s first soccer gae of the season. It was 95 degrees.


Day 295: Today’s garden harvest



Day 296: Another soccer game, this time a bit cooler out, thankfully



Project 365, Days 232-247

July 10


Day 232, July 10, 2013:  Lots of lettuce from the garden


July 11


Day 233: A group from our church went to Karitos, a worship arts conference in Chicago for 3 days. The girls had fun relaxing in the pool our first night there


July 12


Day 234: Before one of the workshops started, the girls showed off one of their dances for the instructors


July 13


Day 235: Our group danced in the talent showcase on Saturday


July 14


Day 236: The first peppers and broccoli from the garden


July 15


Day 237: VBS skit practice


July 16

Day 238: Besides being VBS season, it’s also 4-H season. We’re busy getting projects ready for the fair. Here, Janelle is working on one of her ceramics projects.


July 17


Day 239: Greg working on one of his vases in ceramics


July 18


Day 240: My project. None of my kids would do the Cheesehead Santa for me, so I decided to do it myself.


July 19


Day 241: One of the Facebook groups I’m part of has a “silly Saturday” challenge every week. This week’s challenge was to do a plank in a unique place or in a unique way.


July 20


Day 242: An afternoon of working in the yard, carrying branches, left an allergic reaction on my arm. It went away fairly quickly, though, so it wasn’t poison ivy


July 21


Day 243: Another rainy day. Things were just drying out nicely when about an inch and a half fell in our area.


July 22


Day 244: I didn’t take this one, but am including it anyway. My softball team


July 23


Day 245: One of Greg’s completed vases, ready for the fair


July 24


Day 246: My completed Cheesehead Santa


July 25


Day 247: After my daily workout–I nailed it today 🙂

Project 365, Days 194-200

June 1


Day 194, June 1: Kaiser, our big St Bernard, has figured out which bedroom window is mine. Now, if he thinks I need to get out of bed in the morning, he comes to my window, puts his paws up on the house and whines. He leaves dirty pawprints under the window.

June 2


Day 195: Storm front coming

June 3


Day 196: Janelle has been practicing with the dance team at church every Monday evening.

June 4


Day 197: Note to self: use a bigger bowl when making a double batch of this bread. It kinda overflowed overnight. I had a bit of a mess to clean up. But, it still tasted good.


June 5


Day 198: Dinner tonight was garlic baked shrimp and roasted broccoli. Very yummy 🙂

June 6


Day 199: I have no idea what was going through my son’s head. My husband wrote the word “plastic” on our memo board to remind him of something. My son added the rest late one night after I went to bed. Who can understand teenage boys?


June 7


Day 200: Eric hurt his foot playing rugby. Somebody stepped on it, leaving it swollen and very sore. The good news is it’s not broken at all. The bad news is that he won’t be able to play in his big tournament this weekend.




Project 365, Days 181-187

May 17


Day 181, May 17, Month 6 done:  I can always tell when Eric goes to Pizza Ranch. He cleans out their mint supply 🙂

May 18


Day 182: Greg and Janelle had their recital today. Greg played piano and Janelle played both piano and violin. They both did an excellent job

May 19


Day 183: Our apple tree has flowers on it this year. Hopefully ,we’ll have a great apple crop in the fall.

May 20


Day 184:  Monday night is softball night. Notice,  I actually made it onto first base 🙂

May 21



Day 185: Greg bought himself an organ

May 22


Day 186: Tonight’s dinner was Chorizo pepper shrimp. Very yummy

May 23


Day 187: Eric’s last home game as a member of the Fond du Lac Stoutmen rugby team. This game was a tournament playoff game to determine their seeding at state next week. They lost, so they’ll be playing in the bottom bracket, for places 5-8.